Coochy Cream

Coochy Cream will protect your the most sensitive skin on your body, because as I'm sure you all have realized, when it comes to shaving, not all skin is equal.

There are vast differences in skin textures, thickness and sensitivity. To care for every area of it properly, it is best to understand what works and what is ill-advised.

Regardless of which shaving cream you use, it is important to use a blade specifically designated for the delicate areas of the genitals rather than using the same one  you use on your legs or underarms.

Using a quality razor blade guarantees great results. Shaving the legs with the same blade that you use on your very sensitiveskin is not a good idea. The blade gets duller when used on legs, so it is less likely to get a clean swipe, thus irritating the skin.

New Sizes and containers make Coochy Cream convenient to take on vacation since the smallest container (3.4 oz) is within TSA regulations.  And if you don't want scent added to your shaving cream, the new Au Naturale' is particularly nice.

To shave delicate areas so that it is a pleasure instead of an irritation, use a product that puts a protective layer between your skin and the blade so the blade won’t scrape up the skin. For the closest, most comfortable shave on your most delicate parts, this thick shaving cream is the by far the best.

By protecting the skin, it prevents rash, irritation or ingrown hair, all irritations to getting close.

Coochy Shaving Cream

Why is COOCHY CREAM so effective as a Shaving Cream for super sensitive skin?

The skin's top layer is the hair's guide to grow out straight. If that top layer of skin has been scraped off, the hair grows out crooked instead of straight, and often curves back down into the skin, causing ingrown hair.  With Coochy Cream, that doesn't happen, so there’s no rash, itch or irritation when it grows back.

Turn your fella onto it so he can Manscape with ease without nicks or cuts, whether they use it on their face, head, the back of their neck and even their testicles.

It rinses off completely, and can/should be used sparingly. Can be used daily, although you'll notice it's not necessary to shave everyday..

And if all that isn'tenough, Coochy Cream is great once a month as a deep treatment conditioner for colored, dried out, straightened, or damaged hair to repair split ends and frizziness.  It's Phenomenal!

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