Creativity and Sexuality

I’d rather the creativity and sexuality of the book’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” be my own experience rather just reading about it.. Obviously, the bondage and discipline it describes has captured the imaginations of soccer moms world wide.

With so many classic bondage and discipline stories out there, why has this one caught the eyeballs of the masses and moistened the panties of so many?

Well, let’s first look at the story’s premise: young, impressionable American virgin is caught up in the fascinating erotic world of Mr. Grey, a slightly older fellow who requires subservience from her and ‘makes her’ play lots of erotic games.

A sexual novice learning about sex from a seasoned lover’s perspective is guaranteed to either impress or scare away any virgin. In her naïveté, she’s up for trying all kinds of new things. But what about all the non-virgins reading this book? Are they caught up by the heroine’s adventures because Grey’s requests are so far removed from anything they’ve ever done?

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As someone who grew up appreciating all the finer aspects of spicy erotica, I’m here to say that all of Mr. Grey’s ‘demands’ are nothing more than a bit of spice on a dish that so many have gotten used to experiencing as bland.

And since my erotic journey has always been spicy, his requests don’t impress me. I only wish that the products’ explanations were clearer. Variety, as it turns out, is the spice of life.

That spice should not be limited to the food we eat but for our sexual relationships as well.

Even if you love a particular food (or relationship), having it the same way every time would become boring, and dare I say, unsatisfying. But, add a bit of creativity and sexuality spice and the meal becomes excitingly new and different.

That works for sexual liaisons as well. It could be as simple as heightening your other senses by wearing a blindfold and limiting sight temporarily.

If normal sexuality is just nudity and getting it on, I can understand how demands for spice might be interpreted as kinky, when all they really are is creativity and sexuality combined to create passion, desire, and a book that’s hard to put down. Creativity is the fuel that keeps passion burning. It fuels your desire.

No one wants to live on bread alone, although we can subsist on just that. And no one wants to experience sex the same way every time either. We need to ignite our sexual relations with creativity, not just the bare bones minimum requirements for procreation, but with substantial offerings that will create a long lasting bonfire of creative sexual intimacy.

And isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we all want to increase pleasure and be the focus of someone else’s desire? Don’t we all want to have our imagination stoked, our bodies stroked in tantalizing ways and our lives filled with passion?

Of course we do. It’s called really living, not just going through the movements of existence, and it is available to anyone who’s willing to put the book down, leave her comfort zone, and try something novel.

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