Developing a Sensual Relationship

Developing a sensual relationship starts with the individual, and eventually, hopefully, finds the opportunity to include a partner.

Our first sensual relationship started in our formative years when we discovered our sense of touch and found a special pleasure in bathing.

In the water, completely naked, all of your skin’s sensations stimulated a response and an acknowledgment of the sensual self. Nurture this by taking regular baths. Learning how to love your body physically and emotionally is basic to the process. That sense of self has to include all your parts with the same appreciation, without shame.

They are not for the world to see, but they are meant to be examined and cared for by their owner. To develop your sensual nature, learn to appreciate all of your parts and include them in a careful, daily ritual for maintenance.

If your attitude toward your genitals in particular are that they are “dirty, nasty, or sinful”, those thoughts will affect how you care for them.

When washing or handling something regarded as undesirable, it is only natural to rush or to handle it as little as possible. In our rush, we are not thorough, which can lead to problems of neglect. Only the regular, loving care of your body can keep it healthy, sensually and otherwise.

Run your hands over the items for 10 minutes, letting each ones’ special texture imprint itself on your fingertips. Identify each item by feeling it completely, not only with your hand, but against your cheek, your chest, your nipple, your shoulders, even your feet. Become aware of how you like your body touched, and what feels nicest against it.

Once you’ve determined what textures feel good to you, make sure you include those delights in your goodie drawer. You are responsible for having pleasure in your life. If you don’t think you deserve pleasure, you’re right. And if you think you deserve pleasure, you’re also right. So which “right” do you want to be?

Another approach in developing a sensual relationship is to get naked and enjoy a meal slowly. I recommend dining on fruit because it is sweet, succulent, and good for you. If it gets on your face or body, you can enjoy tasting it off.

Food eaten with awareness is savored for its flavors. When satiating our taste buds, seek all of the pleasurable flavors of sweet, sour, and salty in things other than food. If it smells good, it probably tastes good.

And lastly, learn to dance the old-fashioned way where he holds you in his arms.

Close your eyes and let your body melt into his. As you let him lead, concentrate of the feel of his body next to yours.

Aligning your rhythms makes you in tune with each others style and desires.

You are worth the time to play or relax. Although some may believe that a sensual life is a hedonistic approach to living, as a Sensuality Consultant, I maintain that we are sensual creatures.

If we are not enjoying our senses, we are speeding up the process of our demise, while not even ‘enjoying the ride’.

In developing a sensual relationship, whether alone or with a partner, we are adding depth to the ‘art of living’.

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