Edible Body Toppings

Edible body toppings are a delicious part of our sexual expression. They are the salt and pepper for our sexual appetite.

Just like we wouldn’t want to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of our lives no matter how much we loved it, we shouldn’t have to taste the same bland skin every time we make love.

Predictability breeds boredom. It is the quickest way to lose interest in sex. By adding edible body toppings we prevent sex from becoming a routine with a delicious solution. With a variety of flavors, we tempt our palate and encourage our imagination to enjoy this luscious dessert.

Edible body toppings, also known as lickables have many different purposes. Along with their irresistible flavors some produce an exciting heat, while others feel cool.

Good Head

Some provide lubrication while others moisturize and care for your skin. Just because they’re fun to use doesn’t mean they can't be functional as well.

Tasty Twist

If you love the way your lover smells and tastes naturally, their flavor will only be enhanced when a favorite spice is added to the mix.

Body toppings act as sign posts along the road to pleasure. Wherever you want your lover to taste is where you apply your lickable.

Then instead of taking the standard route to V-land, they follow your ‘bread crumbs’, lapping them up, over the mounds, through the valley, over hill and dale, the mark of a true hunter/gatherer. And there you are, responding to their lips and tongue as they make their way from one erogenous zone to another.

Some of the mildest lickables are water-based and can be worn under clothing. What a surprise when your lover discovers that your skin is actually sweet to their tongue! Not obvious to the eyes or nose, the flavor becomes a total surprise.

Water based lickables don’t stand up well to sweaty activities, so if you’re going dancing, save your water-based lickable for a more laid back evening.

Give a trophy worthy hand job with Pole Polish. The silky smooth glide of this kissable massage cream makes hand play more adventurous and delightfully delicious.

- Rich, creamy lotion ideal for hand play.
- Available in two flavors and one flavor free option.
- Ideal for use with c-rings, male sleeves and clitoral vibes.
- This product does not contain gluten, parabens or sugar.
- This product does not contain mineral oil, animal products or petroleum ingredients. This product is not tested on animals.

Pole Polish

Lickables encourage lovers to concentrate on one another, making it time well spent during arousal. But keep in mind that many toppings are body-part specific.

For example, the product that stimulates nipple tissue should never be used to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. Although both are erogenous zones, their sensitivity is not the same. Other body toppings stimulate only the clitoris tremendously and do little or nothing for other areas.

Besides flavor, the most important consideration for any lickable is that it should be artificially sweetened. Especially important if it is being used as a penis topping, there should be no sugar that could be introduced into the vagina, as that would give her an almost guaranteed yeast infection.

The vagina is pH balanced. Adding sugar to the vagina is never a good idea.

That is why manufacturers invented lickables. With them, we can enjoy a variety of oral delights, without any repercussions.

When purchasing lickables, always check the ingredients on the label. Although most manufacturers follow the safer route and sweeten with artificial sweeteners, as adult novelty manufacturers, they are not compelled to do so by the government.

Never sacrifice safety for flavor.

As much fun as they are, they become a little more interesting when used with a blindfold. Ask the taster to explore your body by letting their nose lead the way.

If the recipient is comfortable enough to leave inhibitions at the door, edible body toppings can be the perfect invitation to sites never explored before.

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