Edible Undies

Why not enjoy some edible undies? This is the kind of dessert you'll never forget giving or receiving! Fun to eat, exciting to remove, it's like nothing else!

As you lick, nibble and chew across the stretchy candy pants, you’ll notice the flavor is sweet, chewy and delicious candy.

The most important thing to remember is that this clothing has sugar in it. It starts to melt within fifteen minutes of coming into contact with the body's heat.

I remember one customer who put it on in the morning thinking she'd surprise her husband with a little afternoon snack, only to find out that the panty had melted onto her hips and buttocks. For a full week she had the shape of a candy pants on. Don't make the same mistake!

Edible Undies

Invented around 50 years ago, they haven't changed much. The ingredients have only changed slightly, with new flavor combinations.

The sizes have gotten a little bigger; they tie at the sides, which works well for different sized hips.

Make it crotchless first! Be careful not to push it into the vagina. The true pleasure is by eating it slowly, working your way around the loins, hips and buttocks.

Deliberately, methodically taste it off until the ‘meal’ is finally lapped up.

There is no sweeter way to delight your lover and yourself!

People tend to forget that this is clothing made out of candy. When it comes in contact with body heat, it slowly starts to melt onto the skin.

Don’t leave it on for more than fifteen minutes. If it’s on for too long, it melts onto your body and will leave its mark for weeks.

So enjoy your candy pants, but make sure you’ve finished your meal in fifteen minutes or so.

It is a bit kinky, a little crazy, but for sensuality’s sake, a delightful part of the erotic meal.

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