Erogenous Zones
Mind, Forehead, Armpits, Tailbone

The mind is one the greatest erogenous zones of the entire body. Speak the language of desire and create images of passion. Watch the body respond with quickened breath and dilated pupils. It is only recently that enlightened lovers are discovering how exciting life can be when you create exciting thoughts, and express those desires to your loved one for fantasy and sexual play.

Although everyone has explored the nape of the neck as an area to be stimulated, other areas that are rarely considered are the forehead, tailbone, and armpits. The tailbone is the base of your electrical system. It has all the currents running through it constantly. Elevate the sexual tension with a pattes d’araignee massage, paying special attention to trailing over the tail bone to create a full body orgasm.

And armpits, although not the poster child for excitement, are super sensitive when stroked, breathed on, and lightly brushed with finger tips or lips. The area becomes less sensitive for women who shave, and because of the irritation, cannot ‘handle’ any attention there. Regardless, if it’s freshly clean and some hair has been left behind, pheromones are housed in the armpits’ tufts of hair, and can be delightfully intoxicating for the woman who has sexually chemistry with that lover.

When I mention forehead it is not for the sexually arousing strokes that it requires. When his eyes are closed, kissing or rubbing his forehead and eyelids gently shows him that you love him. Why? When his eyes are closed, you’re in control, allowing him to experience surrender – a pleasurable experience, especially for a man.”

Think of his forehead as part of his total erogenous landscape. The head and scalp are covered with nerve endings. Lightly massaging from his hairline to his forehead can trigger feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin that help get him in the mood.

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