Erogenous Zones
Nipples, Toes, Ears

Erogenous Zones are the easily excited areas of the body. They have a concentrated number of nerve endings, usually found in the extremities. From the Greek, Eros (sex) and genous (produce), they produce sexual arousal when stroked, kissed, licked, touched, whether delicately, gently or intensely. These hot spots, when properly stimulated, will stoke the passion of your desire!

Sensitivity is not the same for everyone. Some people are extremely sensitive over their body curves, while others are only mildly sensitive in some areas and much more sensitive in others. Embracing the body’s potential for pleasure is taught through life’s experiences.

Not everyone gets the same lessons of self acceptance.

Determining whether an area for exquisite pleasure is greatly determined by how these areas are touched.

For instance, the toes are considered a major erogenous area, but if mishandled, they can be extremely sensitive, even ticklish.

So, even though they are considered an erogenous zone for most people, they are not regarded as such by many because they’ve never been handled as such.

Also, feet sweat and have been known to produce an off-putting scent.

If not kept clean and buffed with an occasional pedicure to keep nails trimmed and skin soft, they may not be the first area one would approach to be kissed, stroked or sucked.

Many people regard nipples, for women and some men, as highly sensitive areas.

Stimulating a woman’s nipples may result in a surge of Oxytocin and Prolactin, which may have a significant effect on exciting her genitals.

But strangely enough, only 50% of women and 50% of men say they actually enjoy the nipple stimulation. The other 50% may resent your attention and attempts at stimulation.

When in doubt, ask. That’s the only way to really know.

And even if nipples, per se aren’t their cup of tea, the chest and breasts can usually appreciate some kind of gentle touches or caresses by hands, mouth, or fingertips.

Ears are super sensitive to warm breath in the ear canal with gentle nipples on the ear lobes. If you’d like to include fingers, use the thumb and index finger to gently pull down the tissue that connects the lobe near their face while gently breathing in your partner’s ear.

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