Eurasian Jelly

Some vibrators speak for themselves. Just looking at the Eurasian Jelly vibrators, you know that this model speaks volumes for pleasure. This toy has an incredibly nice realistic feel to it. Penile shaped, it warms up quickly to the body’s temperature. Comfortable and exciting stimulation are easily at hand.

Featured first it model #6. Six inches long x 1 ½ inches wide from top to bottom, it has all the potential of the average penis without any of the problems.

Its size and shape make it one of the most popular size vibrators, especially for first time buyers. Its multi speed vibrations are powerful and satisfying.

Enjoy it from top to bottom. Send waves of sensational delight to your most intimate areas.

The #6 warms up to the body's temperature within a minute of penetration. Add a water based lubricant.

Always take the 2 AA batteries out when you’re done so there's no chance of battery leakage and your toy will last a long time.

The #3 has an incredibly nice full feeling. 7 ½ inches of realistic penile shape warms up quickly to the body’s temperature. Comfort and exciting stimulation are easily at hand.

A hefty 1 ¾ inches wide shaft is filling without being too big. The #3 is perfect as the mystery partner in a ménage-a-tois fantasy, when your lover uses it on you.

The nubs at the bulbous base tickle your clitoris with exact precision. Its vibration reverberates up and down the length of the vagina for full enjoyment.

Its multi speed adjustibility helps you purr from the lowest growl to its highest yowl.

With a varied and lifelike texture, it is excellent for internal and external stimulation. Add lots of water-based lubricant to keep the vibration comfortable and the orgasms coming.

Clean it with Mighty Tidy and always take the two AA batteries out when you’re done.

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