Exercise and Pleasure

When it comes to exercise and pleasure, in my mind, the two terms are synonymous.

A regularly exercised body is ready, willing and able to enjoy all the pleasures of life, in moderation, of course. Exercise earns you body confidence to enjoy food, drink, nudity, and sex.

The three main components of fitness are strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. Incorporating all three into your workout routines reap benefits that keep you ready for whatever comes your way.

With overall fitness your body is better able to embrace the gratification of the senses and handle the stresses of life.

And because it looks and feels good to be fit, the effort is worth the time and sweat equity, as a true form of health insurance.

Life should not be just about making money and getting ahead. We’re all going to end up the same way—six feet under. The quality of our existence is determined by how able we are to enjoy all of the pleasures of life, and that comes with a fit body and mind.

With exercise, there is balance to life, and in having balance, one can enjoy pleasures, without guilt. By maintaining overall fitness you will avoid disease and medications. Your health is up to you.

Exercise increases libido and produces endorphins. Endorphins are produced by rigorous exercise--the same kind produced during orgasm.

If you want to feel great, the choice is simple. Exercise and pleasure is yours in just a short time.

How can exercise improve your ability to enjoy the pleasures of life? Exercise helps you stay mentally sharp. By working up a sweat, you create a fit mind.

Webs of tendril-like branches of cells form when you challenge and oxygenate your brain, making it easier to learn, to grow and to experience the happiness in life.

Lifelong exercise may lower the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease, suggests a case study from Case Western Reserve University.

People who ran, swam, skated, or otherwise powered through the decades were less likely to be stricken by the mind-robbing disorder.

A healthy mind will remember all the satisfaction you’ve experienced, and with a fit, healthy body, you’re able to experience them again.

Tone muscles and preserve bones with weight lifting. Then you’ll never hear yourself saying, “I’m too old to do, such and such.”

By maintaining youthful muscle and a youthful level of activity in your life, you’ll keep your body from registering the years, and it too, will stay youthful.

New brain cells created by aerobic exercise improve short term memory, recall and response time.

You’re confident to go places, do things, meet people, and enjoy life, knowing that you have the physical and mental strength to back you up. The amusements and diversions of life are yours to explore.

The center of the body is where your strength comes from. This area is the starting point for many activities. Ignore your center and you’re setting yourself up for problems all over.

By strengthening the core, movements get easier. These often neglected muscles stabilize you as you move, keeping everything in place and in balance.

Strong abdominals give your upper body the support it needs to hold your body upright without undue pressure on your back. And a life without back problems is truly a life with many possibilities for fun and recreation. Your gait will improve, your breathing--everything is connected to your core and will benefit.

Looking and feeling good is nice, but really the most important thing is whether you’re able to do all the things you need and want to do, now and throughout your senior years.

Exercise and pleasure seeking are life long pursuits for measuring quality in your life. Embrace them as such. Find the activity you love to do and make a commitment to take care of yourself everyday.

Exercise and pleasure will be yours for your lifetime. Practice taking care of your physical temple everyday so you can enjoy all of the sweet pleasures life has to offer.

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