Extended Pleasure Condoms

There are two reasons guys would wear extended pleasure condoms. The first is to protect against pregnancy and disease. The second is to prolong his erection by preventing premature ejaculation. If he has no control over when he ejaculates, there are much better ways and products on the market than this type of condom, which, by the looks of the reviews, is a misnomer.

How can they be called ‘pleasure’ condoms when the guy’s penis gets so numb he feels absolutely nothing? So many guys reported they were so numb they didn’t even know that the condom had slipped off. At that point he’s not protected and he doesn’t even know it.

Another disadvantage to this type of condom is that if it isn’t worn properly and some of the desensitizing agent or excessive lubricant gets inside the woman’s vagina, she too is desensitized. At that point you may as well call it a night and watch a movie. Sex is supposed to bring about mutual ecstasy; it’s not just a meeting of genitals who are so numb they can’t even feel each other!!

Sex is best when it lasts and feels good for both. That is when it is also good for you. The longer it takes to have an orgasm for the guy, the better it is for both. I liken arousal to boiling water. A rim of bubbles around the edge is boiling water but not much steam. Wait until it’s a rolling boil, and you’ve built a lot of steam and can expect a more intense explosion and deeply satisfying orgasm.

Guys who prematurely ejaculate have several options, but extended pleasure condoms are not one of the better ones. In fact, it seems that they are more of a deterrent to good sex and the pleasure that it can be.

The first option is to re-learn the habit of orgasm with the Squeeze Technique. Masturbate slowly without bringing yourself to orgasm for one week. Take your time.

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Each time you’re almost ready to explode, squeeze just under the head of the penis. This will cause the penis to “back down” a bit. Then, stimulate yourself once more to the same point and squeeze again. Each session should last about 20 minutes.

Concentrate on feeling what is going on inside your arousal.

During the first third of the male arousal, all guys have control. Then, there’s a signal, almost imperceptible unless you’re taking your time, that I call the “yellow flag”. This signal lets you know that you are just before the ‘Point of No Return’.

After a week of this slow stimulation and no orgasm, on the eighth day allow the orgasm after ten or fifteen minutes of slow strokes.

This orgasm will be considerably more intense and deeply satisfying, not only physically, but mentally as well. By practicing keeping yourself in your control zone, eventually, you’ll be able to re-teach yourself the habit of orgasm.

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