Facials, Male Dancers, and Backgammon

by ENR

When you first read this title, you might imagine that the men getting the facials were gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. These guys were some of the hottest male dancers to hit the circuit back in the day when exotic male dancers were unheard of! The show they did, the moves they used left every woman in the audience wanting them, and as I am prone to say, "not a dry seat in the house".
I’d met them, Jericho, Decko and Marco, in the early 80’s at a little nightclub in Piscataway, NJ where every Friday night countless women crowded this out-of-the-way club to see sexy men strut their stuff across a stage while earning mad amounts of cash for 3 sets.
I'd been to the club many times. Being friendly, generous with my tips, and very appreciative of their talents, I easily made their acquaintance. Since I wouldn’t do pleasure parties for men, I'd never ask them to book one with me, but a year after I started selling erotica I also started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics. And since these guys wanted to look good for their adoring public, I was able to schedule a facial with Marco and a few other dancers. We planned to meet at his apartment in Edison on a Sunday afternoon.
When I first arrived I noticed how neat and orderly his apartment looked. My favorite dancer, Jericho wasn’t there yet, but Marco and Decko were along with another guy. We waited a bit for Jericho, but since there were 3 guests, I began within a few minutes.
Before I started, I noticed a Backgammon board on the floor next to the kitchen table.
“Who plays?” I asked matter of factly.
“All of us do.” responded Marco.
“Oh really?” I asked. Curious as to how he had learned, I continued, “Did someone teach you or did you learn by reading the instructions?”
“We read the directions.”
“How long have you played?”
“About 2 years”, came the response. I was satisfied to leave it at that.
“Do you play?” Marco asked, not willing to let this lie.
“Yes”, I smiled coyly, “since I was a child.”
Then, to get the facial started, I added, “If we have enough time after the facial, maybe we can play a round.”
Their facials went smoothly. It was fun and funny to see these gorgeous fantasy men sitting around the kitchen table, white oatmeal mask drying on their faces, leaving a clear line around their eyes and mouths. These guys, who could make women swoon, looked like clowns and I secretly wished I had a camera.

Towards the end of the process, my favorite dancer, Jericho, showed up. He watched as the men removed any last traces of drying mask from their freshly pampered skin. One of them hurriedly purchased a cleanser, one other a cologne, and the third a body wash. None of them were interested in skin care. I wondered why they invited me.
After taking their token orders, I packed my bags and was ready to leave when Marco mentioned the Backgammon game. “Do you have time for one game?”
I love Backgammon, and anytime I get a chance to play, I jump at the opportunity. I figured I’d never have another chance to play these guys, so I decided to play one round.
‘What's the bet?” Backgammon is traditionally a gambling game, although it has never been as such for me.
“Oh, I never bet money when I play Backgammon. It messes with my luck", I responded, unsure of how they’d react.
“O.K. then, how about we play for clothes? Whoever loses has to drop their drawers.”
I have to admit his challenge tempted me. As far as I was concerned, I was standing in front of three Backgammon virgins, and I could easily be the slayer.
“Who wants to play?” I asked. Decko immediately volunteered and sat at the table next to the kitchen wall.
“How long have you played?” I asked again, ready to bring my A game.
“One year. I just learned.”
“Well, O.K. but a game is whoever wins five rounds. I don’t have time for five rounds.”
“How about whoever wins best 2 out of 3?”
That sounded OK to me, so I joined him at the kitchen table and promptly defeated him two in a row. Then, admitting he’d lost, he got up and pulled down his shorts, leaving behind the G-string he’d been wearing underneath. I didn’t care to cash in on my bet for complete exposure, although I’m sure if I had lost they wouldn’t have been content with me leaving my panties on. Again I started gathering up my briefcase, etc., when Jericho jumped in front of me, sat at the table, and invited me to play. As I mentioned earlier, I thought he was the finest of them all, and his invitation to play was so tempting that I almost forgot what the bet was.

I had to ask him as well, “How long have you been playing?” Again, the answer was something that left me feeling very confident that there was no way he could beat me. We started to play. He won the first round. I won the second, but then I beat him a double--essentially two games in one. It didn’t take long for him to stand up and drop his pants, again, leaving the G-String on. I was delighted with myself and the circumstances, but I didn’t want to press my luck with these guys who were used to playing fast and loose with women’s bodies. It was starting to become pretty obvious that when they invited me over, Facials were the last thing on their minds.
“Well, I’ve got to get going. Thank you so much for a memorable afternoon”, I said as I started heading for the door.
“Wait a minute. You have to play Marco! He’s our best player. You can’t beat him!”
“I don’t have to play anyone”, I retorted. "I’ve already played twice as many challengers as I agreed to for those very risky stakes. I don’t want to push my luck.”
“So you agree. Your game is all luck!” His statement annoyed me. I was a better player than both the guys I'd played. I used luck and skill to defeat them.
“It wasn’t just luck. I’m a good player.”
“Then play Marco.”
“Oh, you want me to put my ass where my mouth is?” We laughed at the ludicrous analogy.
I looked Marco in the eyes and asked, ”How long have you been playing?”
“About 5 years”, he said.
“Really? And who taught you?”
“I taught myself.”
“OK, I’ll play.” It has been my experience that people who learn to play Backgammon by reading the instructions don’t really have an organic sense of the game, and because of that, don’t use the numbers they roll to their best advantage. I usually beat them. There have been a very few exceptions, but I didn’t remember them that moment and felt extraordinarily confident in my ability to beat him.
We sat across the table from each other. He had the black pieces, I had white. I could tell immediately that Marco was definitely more experienced playing Backgammon than the others, and we were evenly matched in luck and skill throughout the entire game. He won the first round, I won the second.
Finally, the all important third round was being played. If I lost, I’d be exposed and I didn’t think they’d be satisfied with me leaving my G-String on. I had to win or I could find my self in a very compromising position.
We both started out strong with doubles. It looked like it could be anyone’s game. Marco played very aggressively, 'hitting' my pieces whenever he got a chance, and sending me back to the beginning several times. By the time we were in the last phase of collecting our pieces, he was ahead of me.
I must admit I am incredibly lucky. I give all the credit for my luck to my guardian angel who was obviously working overtime that day. When it came down to my last roll, only double sixes could save me. I blew the dice, kissed them with a little prayer, and threw them onto the board. They bounced off the board's back wall and one immediately landed as a six. The second die went into a spin for what seemed an eternity. When it finally landed, it was the other six! They were stunned and I was delighted. They could not believe their eyes or my luck! That was not the first time my guardian angel had stepped in and protected me. I smiled triumphantly at my opponent, as if I had expected none-the-less than what I'd gotten.
Marco couldn’t say anything. Flabbergasted, in shock and disbelief, he stood up and pulled his pants down, but unlike the others, his pull included the G-string and all! It was the sweetest victory, one that I relish every time I’ve ever told the story. As sweet as the victory was though, the best part was that my guardian angel had come through and saved my ass! Really sweet!

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