Fat Sexuality

When it comes to fat sexuality the saying, truly ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Sensual women abound in all shapes and sizes. If you like yourself, aren't swayed by advertisers' ideas of sexy, and feel good inside your skin, you are sexy and sensual regardless of your size. Sexy is as sexy does; not just how it looks.

Thirty or more pounds over ‘healthy’ weight, especially if your body is 30% fat, can make it difficult to  intimately connect with the body's pleasure potential, especially if you're uncomfortable getting naked.  But that's not true for everyone.  If you're blood pressure, cholesterol, aerobic capacity, and flexibility are all balanced by reasonably healthy nutrition, the number on the scale is less important than the experience of well being and self acceptance.

To know that you're doing the best for your body, and since life is a balancing act of pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain, nutrition is the key to wellness and pleasure.  If you feel good with your choices, stick with them. But if you're not happy with how you feel, it may be time to reconsider what you feed yourself.  After all, balance is the key to good health and longevity .  

It is not society's definition of perfection that encourages the individual's sensual nature, nor does our titillation with technology encourage us to stay true to our internal pleasure potential, which we all have, regardless of size.

After all, female pleasure is not limited to a size six or less. It is an appreciation and inclusion of all five senses that brings the sensual and sexual world alive and gives it meaning.  When you apply sensual knowledge,gleaned through experimentation with your beloved, you too can hypnotize your lover to appreciate your sensual attraction, which is not limited to the visual.

Extra fat has the potential to be the apple of someone’s eye.  Distributed to the socially accepted areas of bust and butt, it is downright tempting.  Soft, cushioning and inviting, it is the comfort of being in a tender embrace.

But of course, if you loathe it or it is more than is healthy for your frame, do something about it. But remember, when it comes to sexual desire, oftentimes, love is blind.  And the sumptuous curves of your fat sexuality are just what the lover ordered as his or her true pleasure.

Increase libido by titillating your imagination and appreciating all of life’s pleasures. If you need help, don't be afraid or ashamed to admit it, first to yourself and if necessary, to your partner.  There are all kinds of ways to enjoy our intimate moments, and fat can be a complement to the experience.  If you start seeing sexual foreplay as the adventure of a lifetime, slowly but surely you’ll make your way to sensual enjoyment regardless of your size. 

Not all countries share the US's preference for physical beauty.  Many other countries find ample padding on a woman's body as desirable and enticing,  Sexy is determined by the society you live in and thin is not always in.

In many countries, thin or even average size women aren’t seen as especialy desirable--they're too boney.  Truly for the woman who revels in female fat sexuality, these countries are definitely the place where women feel the most desirable because of their curves.

Soft curves are sumptuous mounds for sensual enjoyment and sensual indulgence. Like a decadent meal, they are meant to be enjoyed—not rushed through.  Stick figures need not apply.

Sexual pleasure is enhanced not only by the visual but also by the self confidence that comes when you can enjoy sexual pleasure without worrying that they’re going to break.

Having given some of the positives of fat sexuality, I must also present the other side. Larger people have more to carry so there’s less chance for extended sexual pleasure; that is, sex that lasts an hour or more.  Because of the extra weight, the heart is working harder to maintain the action - it's a.  If the extra poundage is keeping you from the love life that you desire, takes the steps to bring yourself to balance.  And enjoy the journey.

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