female Aquarius Sexuality

Female Aquarius sexuality is the zodiac’s cheerleader. She is her partner’s biggest fan. Quirky, confident, and fun loving, she’s known for her perpetual smile, as an attentive listener, and the unique, dispassionate way she approaches life and romantic relationships.

Oprah Winfrey

The Aquarius woman greets everyday with childlike awe, open to whatever cheery serendipity might cross her path.

She is the square peg who can’t fit into the round hole of social convention.

Female Aquarius sexuality is not demanding, domineering, or emasculating.

Her perfect man is naturally distant and independent.

She’s perfectly content to leave him to his business.

She's often attracted to megalomaniacal men.

She’ll give her man as much space as he needs, not wanting to be involved in most of his experiences.

Jennifer Aniston

Eccentric and unpredictable, she needs and wants her alone time.

When push comes to shove, she doesn’t want to be expected to invest much time or energy in anyone other than herself.

Female Aquarius sexuality is endlessly forgiving, merciful, understanding of others' faults and foibles.

She sees past problems to the good in others, particularly her partner.

Gena Davis

The zodiac’s renewal goddess, she makes every sexual encounter feel like the first time.

Serendipity and surprise will always be important elements for keeping sex erotic and exciting.

For her, spontaneity is arousing. Being ‘taken’ abruptly by her man is a hot thrill.

Real, sudden human urges get her blood boiling.

Natalie Cole

This woman is interested in a man who is literally and figuratively going places.

She goes nuts for a brainiac with a smoking hot body.

Her weakness is big fellows; guys who look as if they can manhandle her with just the right amount of roughness.

The female Aquarian is not a sensualist, she’s a sexualist.

Sex doesn’t need to be meaningful. As long as it is pure physical pleasure, that’s enough.

She has neither few sexual hang-ups nor any trace of religious or moral guilt surrounding physical pleasure.

Her body isn’t so much a temple as it is a fun house.

She abhors any thing puritanical or stuffy. Bed is the place to release all inhibition.

She isn’t much into role-playing sex per se, but sometimes enjoys embracing that biker-chick personality that appeals to the gear-head guys she generally goes for.

It’s not that she burns with desire to sexually please her man.

She just wants to look the part of the sexy bitch that does.

Sex for her is partly physical and partly conceptual art.

She’s fairly straightforward in her desires. She’ll do whatever pleases her man, but may shut down in the process, performing oral sex but not especially delighting in it. Anal sex is usually off limits for this woman who prefers to keep invasive activities to a bare minimum.

As far as group sex is concerned, she probably wouldn’t participate.

Female Aquarians are generally not bisexual.

When it comes to sex identification, there is little to no gray area.

She lives her life as if she’s from an advanced civilization, a world where sexual preference doesn’t even warrant discussion.

Despite being continually disappointed by the men in her life, she’ll never stop giving selflessly in relationships.

If anybody can forgive the past or turn the other cheek, it is female Aquarius sexuality.

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