Female Aries Sexuality

Female Aries sexuality is represented by the first house where the soul’s age is in its infancy to seven years. Self serving in the extreme, she asks very little out of life, so she believes she is entitled to whatever she lays claim to. Being the first astrological house, Aries is represented by the number one. Independence is her primary concern and she doesn’t feel the burning need to be partnered. She likes to keep her options open.

Many Aries females live solitary, satisfying lives late into adulthood. It’s just too much work to dredge up warm and fuzzy feelings one doesn’t possess.

As a cardinal male fire sign she is single minded in her professional or personal pursuits. Ruled by her ego she rarely feels daunted by challenges. Frustrated sometimes, defeated, never.

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The Aries female is a realist and a minimalist of the first order, who takes a warrior’s approach to life.

Her whole life is a process of learning to share, cooperate and play fair.

The perpetual youngster with a willful nature, this eternal “terrible two-year- old” is not above throwing an explosive tantrum if she doesn’t get her way.

Except for these trademark tantrums, she is fairly unemotional. Entering a relationship with female Aries sexuality smacks of striking a bargain, the terms being she’ll put up with his eccentricities and/or deficiencies in return for absolute free reign.

There’s nothing romantic or emotional about her tactics. She is not passionate enough to be predatory. Few Aries want to work that hard for a partner.

Female Aries sexuality refuses to give in to society’s frilly version of femininity. She won’t jump into marriage, having a more blasé attitude toward permanent relationships and their legal restrictions.

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Because of her potent sex drive, the Aries female requires little to no wooing or coaxing.

Men are sex objects.

She prefers the strong, silent type.

Her ideal man is a rugged individualist with scant emotional needs and a healthy libido.

She lives her life as a creator who chooses to remain in her own isolated little bubble, putting forth her creations. Infamously artsy-craftsy in her professional endeavors, she prefers to work alone, in a removed environment, at her own pace, dispersing her wares with minimal social interaction.

When single life has lost its appeal, she’ll look for a nurturing type in whose presence she can always assert herself. Her checklist for a partner is short—absolute autonomy within the relationship, and the sight of his maleness should give her a little gasp of delight.

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She’d easily cohabitate with a humble man who’ll make no undue demands.

This arrangement will further her life long quest for increased freedom.

Intercourse is her favorite sexual activity.

his act satisfies her urgent need for straightforward sexual contact where she can focus on the physical act.

Mars affords her a fair share of lustful energy for some of the most vigorous sexual exploits.

The female archetype of this masculine sign is Athena, the classical goddess of war and wisdom, a strategist who poses a challenge to men. Unlike Aries man who butts his head into everything, Aries woman is a cool character who establishes herself as the goal for men attempting to win her heart. Female Aries sexuality doesn’t possess subtlety. Mars forces her libido into action. This is a no-nonsense character that neither has the time nor the inclination to be coy.

When it comes to sex, like men, she expects gratification. She’s a sexualist, not a sensualist--an aficionado of positions and a connoisseur of techniques, highly skilled in her role as the wildest ride on the planet.

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