female Cancer Sexuality

Emotional female Cancer Sexuality goes with her gut. Her sign’s motto: “I feel” means that she is naturally engineered to ‘vibe in’ to situations and projects her feelings and intentions into the atmosphere. She trusts what she feels as her most dependable source of counsel.

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Free-form in her approach to life, she often feels at sea, challenged to secure a healthy lifestyle and land the right kind of mate.

In early relationships she expects to be saved by men so she risks attraction by tyrannical types who take advantage of her natural urge for dependence.

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Female Cancer Sexuality doesn’t require a man who’ll come to her emotional rescue, but one who will willingly ride the watery rush of her emotions, like a surfer hanging ten, willing to be swallowed into her delightful vortex.

Cancer is a floodgate of churning yearnings.

Her need to express her loving emotions to a man isn’t aimed at casual crushes.

She swoons, cries, and pines for love and the want of its being returned.

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Cancer the Crab, the Cardinal-water sign feels acute loneliness, something she’ll remedy the best way she knows how.

Sex is a means to emotional repair.

She often confuses sex with love, so in her search to find unconditional love, she has to be careful to control her voracious sexual appetite.

Sex may also be the vehicle for declaring a deep-seated need for the unconditional love she’s after.

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She needs a true equal partner, a prince among men, not a tyrant. Her lover can’t impose any patriarchal dominance and must take a 2nd sex role in the relationship.

Her lover should realize that he’s being engulfed for her pleasure, not his.

She wants to experience erotic sensation as acutely as possible.

Cancer woman is a most willing recipient of anything being dished out.

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Especially if she comes from a home where her father’s affection was absent, when sexually inspired, female Cancer sexuality throws herself at the object of her lust, leaving no doubt of her interest.

The Cancerian’s soul age of 21 – 28 is associated with mating. She seems born to make a love connection.

What she needs and wants more than anything else in the world is a charming, compliant fellow who will willingly be carried along on the current of her outpouring love that is no cinch to satisfy.

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Her life, from her humble beginnings, inspires her to social climb.

It is not necessarily fame and fortune she desires, just enough to rise above the drudgery of her lowly station to arrive to the comfortable middle class.

Her power lies in actually purging her emotions.

Endowed with intuition, she is a receptor of impressions.

She can feel the world around her.

If she has been starved for fatherly affection in her youth, Cancer feels, or indeed aches, the more formidably alive she becomes.

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This emotional wellspring, a sign with tremendous emotive power, she often looks like the one who is just about to cry—her default expression.

The most valuable lesson for female Cancer sexuality is to realize that life is a process, and escape is not an option. It often takes her many years to recognize herself as a pearl of wisdom.

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