Female Capricorn Sexuality

Female Capricorn sexuality considers the whole of life in every little thing she does, and paces herself accordingly. The Capricorn Woman has Olympian ideals and expectations. She is never satisfied with herself or the ways things are.

A solemn lady, usually with a modest appearance, she looks at life and relations as requiring hard work if they’re going to be beneficial.

Looking up to her is natural; living up to her is like climbing Mt Everest--worth the challenge, certainly not easy and not for everyone.

The bane of her existence is her constant fear of getting hurt.

Perhaps that is why she is frequently critical of her lover. She may reason that if he fails to deliver perfection, she is entitled to withhold her total love.

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She is intensely responsive to a sensitive man who has emotional strength and resilience, enough intelligence to cuddle her, and enough sexual experience to last. Her passion, once released, knows no bounds.

She’ll often hesitate on the brink of commitment with fears of being rejected.

She has to ask herself, “What will be the price and advantage of my surrender?”

Cap rarely chooses a mate on whether he will provide her with financial stability.

This stalwart Saturn ruled academic learned early on to furnish herself with any necessary material grounding.

The passionate Capricorn is a serious woman who will not be toyed with.

First and foremost she is concerned with her own financial and spiritual survival.

She may sometimes downplay her extraordinarily good looks by wearing understated, even decidedly unsexy clothing in dark shadowy hues, her favorite color being black.

The female Capricorn sexuality isn’t the kind of woman who’d opt for a quick roll in the hay unless the whole affair smacked with kismet; not just some sordid exchange.

Not one for social clubs or pick-up joints, the Goat girl is generally suspicious of compliments (though secretly thrilled by them), wary that such comments are a precursor to a full-fledged come-on.

Intelligent men, whether real or imagined, who pique her curiosity, are her sexual preference.

Often, the object of her fantasy is younger than she, as she enjoys tutoring a man’s potential.

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It is not unusual for the Capricorn to marry her first boyfriend.

She’ll perceive him to be a good man and pray upon it.

Putting her belief in him fully, she builds him up to heights he had never before imagined for himself.

Her best match is a man who is able to achieve all she foresees for him on his own terms, while she steadily unearths and nurtures herself.

Above all, this studious, quintessential bookish type is taught at a young age that she shouldn’t rely, worse, couldn’t rely on her looks.

Regardless, no matter how desirable a man is, Capricorn will find a way to turn the tables, making her self seem the enviable catch.

The worlds of ideas, philosophy, liberal and fine-arts are endlessly fascinating to her.

She could easily slip into a bohemian crowd, sip her espresso, visit museums and be at home anywhere in the world.

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If she was raised in a sexually repressive home, she is often disarmingly unaware of her natural appeal, and somewhat at a loss to fully express her erotic urges as they arise.

Female Capricorn sexuality seems to just be waiting, if not fairly itching, to lose the specs, loosen the bun, and let her hair down.

When the ice melts though, and the flames leap, she often becomes too vulnerable for comfort. Her other side emerges. From behind the woman in control peaks out a child--vulnerable and fragile.

When the die if finally cast, female Capricorn sexuality can be swept away by the intensity of her feelings, open and enthusiastic.

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