Female Leo Sexuality

Female Leo Sexuality is a far cry from her brethren, the male Leo. She embodies the romantic and erotic urges that drive her forward in pursuit of satisfying a constant craving for love and lovemaking.

Jennifer Lopez

A strong, loyal, dominant female, she hungers for a man who possesses passions equal to her own. As the lioness, the actual hunter in the pride, her every action is fueled by her natural lust for life.

Leo’s two goddess archetypes are matriarchal virgin goddesses; Artemis, the hunter goddess and Hestia, the goddess of the hearth.

With these archetypes, she is the fiercely wild goddess of the hunt, securing what she needs for survival. At the same time she embodies the gentle domestic goddess of the hearth.

Loni Anderson
Halle Berry

Her beauty is distinctly fiery, complete with her signature style flowing mane.

Cat-like in grace, speed, and agility, most Leo females are athletically inclined and capitalize on their natural talents.

Notoriously untamed passion, she lies low, like the predatory lioness, biding her time until it’s appropriate to spring into action.


Leo woman’s sense of humor is droll, dry, insightful, sometimes wacky and often out of ‘left field’.

Of all the signs in the zodiac, she’ll tease and toy with a guy unabashedly, using humor, logic and intelligence to endear her self into his heart.

Don’t let that sometimes kooky veneer catch you off guard. If she has a taste for you, you’re on the menu.

Angela Bassett
Sandra Bullock

Of all the women in the zodiac, she is the most saucy and audacious, an outrageous flirt with a killer appetite for sex.

As queen of the jungle, she packs a one-two punch of raw earthiness and regal authority.

Leo’s are known for their loyalty and more than most fully matured females, she remains devoted to one long-standing best friend from childhood.

It is her realization that survival depends on other females.

Vivica A Fox

Her ruling astral body is the sun, a very bright shining star, which is dangerously hot if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In her youth, she is attracted to the fast crowd. With so much physical and emotional energy, regardless of her stature, she always seems larger than life.

No cool femme fatale, she is one and the same with her libido, making no distinction between the longing in her heart and the heat in her loins.

Cathe Freidriche

Whereas Leo male sexuality lacks experimentation, there is little the Leo female won’t try.

She’s an enthusiastic lover and a fast learner.

For female Leo Sexuality, sex should feel like play.

Not too interested in games or fantasy role play, she is turned off by guys who seem to be too much in their heads.

Making love is a primal act with lots of sounds: squealing, groaning, moaning and growling.

Not wordy as just plain noisy, she hungers for passionate lovemaking that is unrestrained.

Marathon sex is always a staple in this heated relationship.

Whitney Houston

If her man gets lazy and doesn’t satisfy she’ll begin to develop a roving eye. As she approaches sex in a purely instinctual way, she hungers for experience, never doing anything half way.

Incapable of distancing herself from her passions, she is far more vital and more determined to demonstrate her vital energy than the male Leo. Her female Leo Sexuality implies rebellion against male authority. She isn’t anti-male but rather pro-self.

Female Leo Sexuality is sex—her every action fueled by her natural lust for life. The undisputed queen on life’s chessboard excels at pursuits that require sustained action and creativity.

No other sign is more of a control freak or as fervent in the pursuit of passions. The zodiac’s undisputed Queen of hearts is living proof that if you love yourself the whole world loves you back.

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