female Pisces Sexuality

The female Pisces sexuality derives her goddess archetype from the triplicate form of the goddess: virgin, mother and crone all at once.

Each of these experiences is embedded in the soul of the Pisces woman, the last zodiac sign. All that ever came before her is swept into the 12th House. She exemplifies the archetypal goddess for Everywoman, and in her own way, exemplifies Everywoman.

It is difficult to pinpoint female Pisces Sexuality as being one way or the other because she is the epitome of opposites fused into an irrepressible singularity: warm and aloof, accessible and untouchable, dignified and petty, righteous and unscrupulous, lovable and detestable, just like any respectable diva should be.

Of all the signs, she likes the idea of sex more than sex itself. She could easily opt for a marriage wherein an equally persnickety partner won’t put upon her to put out.

Grossed out by the carnal effects of sweating, odors, and bodily fluids, these experiences clash with her dreamy visions. Some Pisces women are so squeamish about sex that when they get pregnant, friends and relatives bandy about a possible 2nd immaculate conception as to the way it came about.

The straight men that female Pisces sexuality attracts view her as top drawer, a princess worthy of royal treatment. Usually, they’ll approach her with the demeanor of not being good enough for her and, in scoring her affections, consider their relationship nothing short of a cosmic miracle.

She is the embodiment of the primordial soup, predestined to imagine any and all possibilities and potentialities.

Her motto, ‘I Believe’, believes in your potentiality. She is the ûber female on the astrological block, in every sense of the word, from the marvelous to the made up.

Her ability to recognize and speak to one’s emotional or moral condition may be uncanny. Despite her meek and meager emotional beginnings, sometimes the phenomenal myth she creates about herself seeps into her very own soul. As a true muse she grants those in her life endless gifts of inspiration.

In most cases, Pisces negotiates herself into a relationship that promises sanctuary. She remains in the sanctuary while her mate supplies her with sustenance as well as providing a fine house, furnishings, vacations to keep her amused and from becoming bored.

Putting the reins of their relationship in her man's hands, he becomes the entrusted ultimate gatekeeper whose duty is to keep the world at bay.

In her youth, this high strung woman is attracted to sensitive, callow fellows who are even more fragile than her. Eventually she’ll settle down with an industrious man who’ll treat her like a princess, but she’ll always remember the dream of her first love.

The perfect male for the female Pisces sexuality is a well rounded guy who won’t be caught up in her drama. He is one third male love object, one third humble provider, and one third masculine beast. He needs to be emotionally sensitive, materially servicing, and sexually virile.

Once he’s opened up the flood gate to her passion, there’s no turning back. She will gauge their relationship through his passion for her. Being too jealous and competitive with other females, she would loathe bringing another woman into the sexual mix. She is born with an advanced spiritual openness that leaves her much more vulnerable to deep intoxication, whether psychic or psychotic.

The recovered Pisces becomes a champion for spiritual wellness. Until then, she is in the business of medicating her soul to evade the issues of her subconscious mind that threaten to undo her. More than any other sign, she trusts her own insights rather than any hard and fast external facts.

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