Female Taurus Sexuality

Female Taurus sexuality is an infinitely fun-loving character, whose approach to life is like an unspoilt child. From an early age she longs for a traditional, old fashioned relationship.

The 2nd house doesn’t distinguish between material wealth and self-worth, and neither does female Taurus sexuality. She works hard at making herself a treasure that any man (of her choosing) would love to love.

This woman often goes for guys based on their looks and assumes that money equals merit. Her particular challenge when it comes to love is striking a balance between her need for that eternal boyfriend and her desire for wealth and the power she believes money will buy.

In a man, she demands the full package: good looks, personality, sense of humor, roguish charm, sexual ability, a boyish spirit, and a bankroll that could choke a bull, because at her heart, she is a materialist of the first order and enjoys the finer things of life.

She shows us by example the beauty of viewing oneself as a sacred place—that we must treasure and never trash our bodies. She understands that life is a gift.

Bulls, by nature, don’t see so well, that is, they are usually myopic. Symbolically the females lack discernment and don’t often properly filter out what or who gets in, despite her astrological focus on treating herself like a temple.

Attracted to high powered men she believes can provide the requisite goods, she risks being overpowered by them and looking like a silly cow, especially in the eyes of older, wiser women.

Whereas the male Taurus sexuality is a collector of admirers, female Taurus seeks to make herself into a priceless treasure in hopes of luring that one special, worthy someone.

When it comes to romantic relationships, she doesn’t like to spin her wheels or waste energy on faulty attempts at love.

Often, she wants to be a big girl but is plagued with feelings of unworthiness and under readiness. She can’t help but see herself through other people’s eyes.

Often Taurus woman marries her childhood sweetheart. Her sex drive is as strong as any adolescent boy’s and she’s designed for some fairly heavy sexcapades. But she confuses the urge for sex with being in love.

Astrologically, as the first feminine element ruled by Venus, she is engineered, first and foremost, for physical union as befits her status as the Venus-ruled earth nymph.

But remember, nymphs avoiding gods and heroes wasn’t about protecting their maidenhead but rather not wanting to be subdued by male tyranny.

Female Taurus sexuality eventually realizes that she can run the show while remaining on her back. But she generally learns the hard way.

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