Female Virgo Sexuality

Female Virgo Sexuality seems so willing to provide, essentially, whatever function one wishes of her since she was born into the 6th Astrological House of service.

In love, she can overcome a lot of jealousy and inhibitions in order to do what she deems necessary to make the relationship work.

She has a haunting, youthful quality unless she mars it with skittishness or nagging.

She tends to be wise, articulate, witty, devoted to good deeds, independent, and trustworthy.

 She is curious, honest, perceptive and sensitive.

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On the flip-side, she is frequently a workaholic, suffers from lack of self-esteem, is restless, compulsive, a bit of a hypochondriac, anxious, and usually impossible to please.

Virgo the Virgin embodies the flipside of virginity as well: its inherent frustrations.

Usually reserved, she never throws herself at a man or puts herself in a situation where she must defend her turf.

 When she makes her move, she does so with the maximum likelihood of success.

Female Virgo sexuality is associated with midlife, ages 35 – 42, nearing her prime, and the end of her fertile years.

Many marry late or resign themselves to an eternal old-maidenhood. In a sense, Virgo projects this spinster vibe all her life.

Virgo is most attracted to men who are rough around the edges—tough guys, bikers, tortured artists, or anyone who could fall into a codependent relationship where the Wendy den mother can pamper or mother her man.

Virgo needs to be needed—-while she’d do better simply wanting to be wanted. As a result, her relationships can take on a quality of an addiction.

She is attracted to the man’s potential, what he might become rather than who he already is. As the empty vessel, she enters into bonds with open arms, seeking to unburden a man from obstacles preventing him from self-fulfillment.

She can’t help it. She's driven to nurture a man--to help heal any ills he experiences, personally and professionally.

If she is truly appreciated for all she does, the relationship goes smoothly. If not, her repressed anger can cause a kind of female impotence, robbing her of orgasm, limiting her sexual desire and pleasure.

In love with the right man, the female Virgo sexuality puts her in touch with parts of herself she wouldn’t otherwise know existed, helping her to experience what a woman is most essentially designed for on the physical, sexual plane: mating.

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Not given to flashy clothing or drawing attention to herself, none-the-less, this astrological sister houses the proverbial fire down below, for indeed the ‘earth moves’ as she experiences her cached emotions in the pleasurable act of sex.

Despite her outsized desire to do so, no other woman has a harder time giving herself fully to another individual because quite simply, she doesn’t feel in full possession of herself, having done very little in the way of owning up to her own needs.

Virgo is one of the least gay of female signs. Although, even the most heterosexual Virgo will indulge in a two-female-one-male ménage a tois if and when it complies with the whim of the man she loves. When she marries, she’s all-in.

Basically, the female Virgo sexuality depends on her partner to teach her to savor the full pleasures of sexuality.

If this natural woman finds him, she can turn over a new leaf with astonishing rapidity and surprise herself with the vigor of her sex drive and the technical range of her sexual knowledge.

Sex with the Virgo woman is all about enjoying the process, building excitement, giving and taking pleasure in equal measure.

Change for this woman happens slowly. Rushing is absolutely out of the question. The sexual experience for her must be powered by love.

 Only then can she reciprocate in an extraordinary way. The sign of Virgo represents mutuality.

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