female Gemini Sexuality

Female Gemini sexuality is associated with the age group of 14 – 21, a time when hormones seesaw, metaphorically moving the soul as it alternates between childhood and emerging adulthood.

Metaphorically speaking, Gemini's are in a perpetual state of adolescence. 14 – 21 signify the age of female sexual awakening, when most girls lose their virginity and discover the power of their own erotic nature.

It is an age of curiosity, exploration, and incentive—a conscious desire to attract sexual partners.

All her life, her Gemini Sexuality personifies this inquisitive and experimental age.

Being that there are always two of her, she’s capable of achieving the greatest triumphs as well as causing the gravest trouble.

She leaves every circumstance, indeed every individual she meets, altered by the wake of her presence.

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In relationships, she alternates between her need to indulge desire and impose dominance, always fueled by her curiosity.

Gemini sexuality is also greatly influenced by being the zodiac’s first mutable air sign. Having elements of both male and female influencing its tastes, it is a perfect amalgam of passive and aggressive.

This sign's evolution combines the aggressive objective masculine force of Aries with the come-hither, subjective, feminine energy of Taurus.

Whereas Gemini males are their two distinct sides simultaneously, female Gemini sexuality is either one extreme of herself or the other. These two distinct personalities are used somewhat as a defense mechanism.

The female Gemini sexuality is as unpredictable as a pixie. After all, she is the astrological daughter of winged Mercury, god of trickery and magic.

If Gemini man is Peter Pan, she is the zodiac’s Tinker Bell, that little imp with the twinkly but maddening personality.

Sweetness & light when in love, but woe to any foe who might stand in her way, particularly any wholesome Wendy types.

She is rarely the innocent she pretends to be.

Even in her teens she's often attracted to older, slick types, on whom she develops killer crushes.

She can be the catalyst and monkey wrench, a dream come true or someone’s worst nightmare. Whatever the case, she approaches life with an unapologetic ‘deal with me’ demeanor.

Gemini is the first air (mental) sign of the Zodiac, one for whom cognitive faculty is key. If you want to excite her sexually, stimulate her mind first.

If you want to please a Gemini sexually, use the telephone. Speak low when you speak of love, reach out and titillate her mind. That is where her greatest pleasure takes place.

If she's reached her sexual maturity, she's learned to integrate both mind and body in the pursuit of pleasure.

Whereas Gemini man is caught up in his own need for buzz and stimulation, Gemini woman seeks to incite such excitement in others.

The Twins of Gemini represent the strict division between two distinct expressions of her personality.

And although it may take a lifetime, Gemini works at integrating both sides for her own mental and physical health.

What Gemini sexuality needs and wants most from a relationship is to be stimulated mentally; to find a mate with whom she has shared interests, both sexually and professionally because two heads are better than one.

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