Female Libra Sexuality

The 7th Astrological house that rules female Libra Sexuality is responsible for fairness, karma, love bonds, agreements, compromise and one-on-one partnerships. Under this roof there must be plenty of light, equality, intelligence and enlightenment, because that is the environment in which female Libra Sexuality thrives.

Mental stimulation is the sexiest thing to the Libran mind, and if you’ve got the gift of gab and can back up your ‘claims’ or ‘proclamations’, then Libra will temporarily dispel her distaste for dirty talk and give you your chance.

Any relationship that tries to suppress her intellect will also kill her libido and erotic urges, which in her mind, go hand in hand. Don’t make a habit of disappointing her because she believes in justice for all, as well as cooperation, harmony and balance.

Her idea of equality spreads into every part of her life. Equality in the bedroom is just one place where the partnership, that is so important to Libra, must be demonstrated.

Libra is a sexually aggressive being, a woman who hungers for sex as much as, if not more than she does for truth, beauty and goodness. She is nobody’s fool and will not be toyed with, unless that ‘toying’ is during foreplay and ends in a satisfying conclusion.

‘We are’ is her motto so what is good for one is good for both. Whereas Scorpio is the male lesbian of the zodiac, Libra woman is the female gay-man; the über-male-mindedness of her sign frees her from viewing sex as a loaded emotional experience.

She relates far more readily to the male mind than she does to traditionally feminine views, so with her mate, she’s as naturally aggressive as he is.

If she is not satisfied, you’ll learn what you did wrong and what you can do to perfect it. Of course, if you choose not to take her advice, don’t be surprised if she starts looking elsewhere for the harmony she needs so badly.

If you’re not giving honestly in the bedroom, the question begs itself to be asked, where else are you withholding in the relationship? Be prepared.

For female Libra Sexuality, there is nothing more beautiful than making love. She’ll employ techniques to the human body like a painter does to their canvas, that is, lovingly, with thought, creativity, joy, and in a sense of giving.

Cheryl Tiegs

When you undertake to do it, it should be with joy and a sense of giving.

As long as you’re both giving, and learning in the process, it is one of the most beautiful experiences humans can have.

Thus, Libra’s love-life may be one of trial and error.

But sex is a necessity in life, and when heightened to an art form is the most beautiful, satisfying, memorable, exquisite experience we humans can have, as well as a living symbol of what is good and right.

Libra has been and will always be the free thinking, freewheeler of the zodiac.

Whatever work she chooses to do, it is her birthright to make the world a better place, and she does this by reaching an audience, whether big or small, to enlighten and empower them to their possibilities.

Female Libra Sexuality is the active, unseen power of the mind.

Many think that she lives a charmed life, but if you look carefully, you will see that her luck comes by taking great pains to weave herself into opportunities she has the foresight to approach.

She recognizes her life’s plan and wisely allows it to unfold, with her body, mind and spirit as the vehicles for her betterment and for the world’s betterment.

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