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The discussion of female pleasure has only just recently become a hot topic.  Just a short 100 years ago, heterosexual relations were not meant to satisfy the woman’s needs as much as they were an outlet for men to relieve their sexual tension while continuing the species.

Since the beginning of time, the man’s orgasm was deemed the important one, since it was his ejaculate that got the woman pregnant.  We now know that the seminal fluid (which precedes the ejaculate) has the most powerful semen in it, so it really isn’t necessary for the male to ejaculate.  But myths, misconceptions and old habits die hard.

Fast forward to the 21st century.  Female pleasure is not only a possibility; it is part of our divine sexuality.  Covered with erogenous zones, pleasure is part of the feminine mystiqueWith a sensual mate. a dab of clitoral stimulants and adequate time for foreplay, marital sexuality as well as solo sensual passion are enough to light the fire beneath the beautiful body curves.

This sensual awakening has been encouraged by science, open discussions among friends, at pleasure parties and in the study of human sexuality today. But through it all, what seems to be lacking more than pleasure tips is the understanding based on experiential knowledge of why women orgasm and how women can orgasm regularly with or without a partner.

It’s important to remember that exercise, in particular Kegel squeezes, help keep the vagina toned, the blood circulating freely within the genitals, the pelvic floor where it belongs, and the pelvic area highly sensitized to sensual strokes.  Learning to use Ben Wah balls for the exercise is paramount in learning how to have a vaginal orgasm.  A strong, toned, sensitive vagina is more likely to be sexually responsive than one that isn’t sensitive or toned. 

But the most important aspect of creating female pleasure is to remember that friction, combined with proper lubrication, all add to heightening tension, which, when combined, produce sexual orgasm for women. 

For a vaginal orgasm, do about five minutes of Kegels sometime during that day.  This will sensitize the vagina and surrounding sexual tissue for the ‘demands’ you’ll place on it later.  Then, during intercourse, only the top third of his penis should go into the vagina.  It is the penis head, not the shaft, that has enough texture to stimulate the G Spot so that it will protrude from the wall.  Slow, deep, consistent rubbing against the G Spot, as well as Kegel squeezes, combines to build tension enough for an explosive sexual release. 

And if she wants to add a clitoral orgasm to the experience, his shaft rubbing consistently against her clitoris during the shallow penetration is essential.

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