Female Sagittarius Sexuality

Female Sagittarius Sexuality likes to be seen. Her archetype is the goddess, Hera, Queen of the Gods, and in her own right, embodies the greatness of womankind. Likewise, when looking for a mate, she is interested in attracting a similarly exalted icon of masculinity.

Female Sagittarius sexuality views existence in which the stakes are perpetually high.

She demands to be treated like a queen (that Hera influence) and wants a man who is as powerful as she so as not to breed resentment in their relationship.

She begins by assuming the best in everyone but has no sympathy when she’s proven otherwise.

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Sag women lives everyday as though it was a celebration. She’s committed to giving it all she’s got. With her combination of brains, body and beauty, she is a benevolent and beneficent leader.

She is a future oriented woman and must learn to live in the moment if she is going to outgrow her propensity for anxiety disorders.

Beneath that self assured veneer, she tends to harbor emotional anxieties and low self esteem.


Sag author Dawn Powell wrote, ‘Luxury is living within one’s means’, and luxury to the Sag female is important.

With her expansive, all encompassing nature, more is better and the things she surrounds herself with are seen as a natural augmentation to her.

Born a citizen of the world, she can easily be comfortable in anywhere, as long as she is in the right marriage, following her quest, and helping others to achieve their goals.

From her teen years she knows what she wants and pursues her life long ambition with responsibility, maturity and passion.

Her life long ambition combines two requirements: that it is either a cultural or daring enterprise, and that it has big financial rewards.

She’ll go through her fair share of outright loafers who don’t see beyond her exuberant appearance, convinced she is nothing more than a party girl.

Eventually though, she will label him a ‘loser’ and steer clear of him completely, giving him some slack for his weaknesses but not totally able to forgive them.

Female Sagittarius Sexuality involves her whole self into every action.

 Although she will successfully achieve her emotionally catch up in life, she’ll do her share of tripping, stumbling and falling through a fairly set pattern of experiences, specifically in her love-sex relationships.

Her goal is to find a guy whose lifestyle matches the one she wishes she’d been born into. 

When she bags her big-game boyfriend, she’ll look for his vulnerability that would allow her to infiltrate his sensibilities and take the upper hand.

If Sag woman marries young, she tends to marry twice.

Her zodiac personification of Hera makes her the wife-queen who marries well, lives happily ever after with all the distinction marrying well affords her.

If she and her partner are true equals, their power-coupledom will stand the test of time. But if she marries for all the wrong external reasons, his shortcomings will begin to wear on her true self, her inner woman’s spirit-god.

In her heart of hearts she wants to be seen as a physically desirable, beguiling, and indeed a passive female. Any lack of attention from her lover makes her highly suspicious, her overactive imagination fueling her jealousy.

She is a generous and highly enthusiastic lover, whose relationships smack of fantasy.

Public displays of affection are not uncommon, and once in a relationship can’t help but flaunt her feelings by stroking and hanging all over her man, even in mixed company.

In the bedroom she has the tendency to be vocal with appreciative moans, squeals, and the occasional outright whinnying. It takes a man with a confident ego and impressive staying power to live up to the female Sagittarius Sexuality longing.

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