Female Scorpio Sexuality

The female Scorpio sexuality is magnetic, lusty, and endowed with mysterious powers. She can devastate with a look or revitalize with the healing energy in her eyes and hands.

The fixed part of this sign gives her persistence, determination, and willfulness; the water side gives her regenerative powers, intuition, mysticism, compulsiveness, and some paranoia.

Nobody has a better handle on her own feelings than she does. As the zodiac’s only fixed-water sign, she seeks to control sensation so as to never have it control her.

When she takes on a lover, in keeping with the Scorpio’s femme fatale nature, whole parts of the man must simply die. He will be better for it.

Everyone who comes into a relationship with Scorpio will be profoundly affected. In the hetero relationship, she seems able to coax out a man’s best qualities while killing off the bad ones.

She is the Persephone of the underworld, who time and time again rises like the phoenix out of the ashes to re-invent her self. She is all woman, and very real.

No man could ask for more than she offers. Frankly, quite a few men would be comfortable with less. These men do not find it easy to love a woman who exudes power and understands how to use it.

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The zodiac’s indisputable nonconformist, she appears unmoved by man’s advances. She invented hard-to-get.

It’s funny though, that because she is Sapphic by nature, intelligent, confident, natural women can ‘move her’ more spiritually and sexually than men can.

Sexual lust is always a part of her makeup, for she is a very physical person. But she also has the capacity to turn it off. There are times when she is engaged in a spiritual quest for the celebration of life through universal love.

The spiritually aspiring or evolved Scorpio woman has a bit of Joan of Arc in her. Sex is not just for sex’s sake. Sex can become for her a way to release sacred passions.

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In later life, her sexual energy may be used to reach the pinnacle of strength and integration or to achieve a spiritual coming together with another human being.

Perception beyond the five senses is one of the attributes of the 8th Astrological house. Indeed, Scorpio is all sixth sense.

She psychically draws experience to her, as if she was a crystal ball attuned to what life might have in store. She’s a mystery, wearing a perpetual poker face.

Female scorpio sexuality cannot help but see a man in terms of what he might do for her. She sizes up each candidate for her affection in terms of weighing his inherent potential, as partner, co-progenitor, and professional success.

What female Scorpio sexuality teaches by example is that less is more—that those who fight, finagle, hunt down or meticulously plan their ambitions are often too narrowly focused, blind to the big picture and unable to recognize what life might naturally afford them.

A spider, after all, doesn’t need to stalk its prey. As the personification of the unseen intelligence of nature, she ‘knows’ the appropriate season for every purpose.

She simply waits her turn, trusting in the cyclical character of existence. When the right opening comes along, she jumps in. With insight as such an advantage, she picks and chooses opportunities, enviably avoiding most obstacles. Patience is her ultimate virtue.

Female scorpio sexuality stems from her exploration of the depths of the human experience. She is an unapologetic woman, committed to her own callings—other people be damned.

Despite her appearance of fearless indomitability, she craves acceptance and understanding. No one is a more loyal friend or faithful ally than she once she believes you have done your best to understand her

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