Female Sexuality

Interest in female sexuality has changed over the millennium, from something that was a great source of controversy in its purpose and design to the multi-orgasmic experience many women enjoy today.

No matter how we choose to view it, the female body is the source of pleasure, procreation, nurturance, and sustenance for the world.  In essence, every woman is a sexual goddess with her ability to bring forth life.

Since the beginning of recorded history, women have been regarded as the source of men’s greatest physical pleasure and mental anguish, as well as the vessel used to continue the species.

When we consider the infinite number of female erogenous zones, it is obvious that females were made for pleasure. Maybe that is why men have sought to control and own women’s sexuality since recorded history began.

Accessing the female’s pleasure potential all depends on how her body is touched. Always keep in mind that for women, orgasm and pleasure begin in her mind. Once mentally excited, the juices start to flow. Combined with feminine sensitivity, it is just a matter of time for pleasure to come gushing forth, verbally and physically.

There is no doubt that women are the gate-keepers to sensual sexuality. 


More comfortable with acceptance of all their erogenous zones, they have less inhibition on what areas can and should be touched. Every inch of her skin, from the crown of the head to the soles of her feet, if properly stroked, rubbed, or kissed, can be a source for pleasure, orgasm, and sweet satisfaction.

Truly female sexuality, when taken as a whole, is the more evolved of the two sexes when it comes to sensory pleasures.

The female body is a combination of the five senses brought together in a manner that excites the male libido. Curves, scent, softness, and even the taste of her lips and the sound of her voice are designed to attract a mate.

Since men are initially visually tempted by her looks, the sense of sight is considered as the most influential part of her attractiveness.

But I believe the greatest allure of female sexuality is her pheromone scent, which peaks naturally every 28 days for 24 hours.  This is her natural signal that her body is ovulating.  Fortunately, with the invention of Pheromone perfumes, women don't HAVE to be ovulating to magnify their scent to attract a suitable mate.

This scent is lasts longest in the tufts of hair on her body—that is the hair on her head, her pubic hair and underarm hair.

During ovulation a clean, unscented female body has all the natural scent it needs to attract the opposite sex, especially those who have chemistry with her and even those who don’t.

Sexual attractiveness via scent is big business in the perfume industry, but very few realize that the female cassolette, that is her all over scent, is the greatest physical attractant in a woman’s sensual armory.

The combination of scent of hair, skin, sweat, and even vaginal fluids makes up the whole package of sensual temptations for a man to want to know more and fully experience the female whose scent appeals to him.

Sexual attractiveness caused by pheromones is something that needs to be understood to be controlled.

Unfortunately, this understanding eludes us.

Since many of the laws dictating sexual behavior are still influenced by religious texts that were written by men who didn’t have sex or admit to it, our views on desire and sexual attractiveness have been tainted by ignorance.

Their choice to love God as their soul’s expression limited their understanding of sexuality.

Regardless, the church decided what was moral for the rest of us and laws were eventually designed around these ideas.

If women wanted to act upon their desires solely for sexual gratification, it would be a very different world.

Instead it is men who make the laws regarding pregnancy, age of consent, masturbation, sexual maturity, sex in marriage and sex before marriage.

While male sexuality lends itself to power and dominance, it is female sexuality and her desire to fulfill its need that continues the species.

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