Feminine Exerciser

There’s a hidden band of muscles inside your body that needs a feminine exerciser.  This hammock-like muscle is called pubococcygeus or the PC muscle and it holds up pelvic organs such as the bladder and the uterus. 


When a woman is pregnant, the band stretches down to its maximum to accommodate the growing fetus inside.  Then, during labor, the bands spread out and apart so the baby can come down and out through the vagina. 


The PC muscle has the fastest recuperative power in the body and will snap back into shape in very little time, especially after the 1st pregnancy.  Through two or more pregnancies though, the muscle loses some of its elasticity but you can help it with Kegel exercises.


Women can do Kegels without any tool at all, but if you want faster results, add a little weight resistance to this isometric exercise.  Any feminine exerciser makes the PC muscles work twice as hard so you get results twice as fast.   

There are many different varieties available today.   Some are gold plated and others are made with the newest sterile materials for safety and cleanliness.  Most come with easy to use instructions, taking the guess work out of how they should be used, and how often before you’ll feel a difference. 


How do you know if your PC muscle needs a little help? If when you laugh, cough or sneeze and there’s a bit of urine leakage, that’s a good indicator.  Test the strength of your pelvic floor by stopping the urine flow.  If it’s easy and there’s no dribbling after you’ve squeezed your muscles, you have a strong PC.  If there is a bit of dribbling after you’ve tried to stop, start your Kegels today.

Whether you use the original Ben Wah Balls or any of the new inventions, be assured that you are strengthening the PC muscle and increasing the support of the PC floor while adding sensitivity to the vagina. 

Whichever tool you choose, place it inside the vagina, and while standing or sitting, start doing Kegels.  Within two minutes, the vagina gets wetter and the weight will start to slip down and out.  Working the PC muscle with weight resistance is the best way to repair your vagina to its pre-pregnancy sensitivity in a shorter amount of time than doing Kegels alone.  Do the exercise for five minutes.

Just because you can't see the Pelvic Floor doesn't mean it should be ignored. Four hundred thousand women have surgeries every year to repair, lift or replace their Pelvic Floor because they had a couple of kids, never did any Kegels, may have gained a few pounds, and now gravity is taking its toll on their insides.

If you want to avoid diapers for adults, Kegel exercises are essential. Vaginal Feminine Exercisers are a guaranteed tool to repair any damage that may have occurred during pregnancy and/or to keep your insides in tip top shape all of your life.

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