Flavored Dental Dam

Flavored dental dam is a small sheet of latex which acts as a barrier between the mouth and the vagina or anus. Originally used during dental surgery, it has become a popular means for safe sex when performing cunnilingus or anal rimming.

Anal rimming in particular is gaining popularity, especially because of hot sexy books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” where all the stops are pulled out. Every body part is up for stimulation. But the anus in particular, must be approached with caution. Hepatitis A or B is waiting, even on the cleanest anus. Protect yourself and enjoy yourself. Use the right kind of protection and there will be no need to deny your self any pleasures.

Also great for cunnilingus when the recipient is a new partner and you just want to be safe, and giving.

Instead of the sterile translucent unflavored white latex barriers used in dentistry, today manufacturers have added some exciting changes with new colors and flavors.

Dental Dam

The dental dam is held in place over the genitals with your hands or the recipient can hold it in place. As you stimulate the area with your tongue, the dental dam provides protection from any communicable diseases.

Just make sure not to flip it over. For a nice wet feeling, add some water–based lubricant on the side against the genitals. The new flavored styles are exciting, inviting and safe to use.

Our sexuality is an expression of our need to connect, physically, for pleasure and for satisfaction. We must practice safe sex when we enjoy our sensuality as well. When tantalizing the vagina and especially the anus, protection is the key to our sexual expression without fear.

By using dental dam, we are acting responsibly in our sexual encounters while enjoying all the pleasures our body has to offer.

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