Flavored Good Head

Flavored GOOD HEAD makes a delicious topping for the best BJ in town! Every Body Part Should Taste This Great! Fellatio is the sexual art of orally pleasuring the penis. Although it is an acquired taste for most, it is made all the more pleasant and exciting when the penis looks, smells and even tastes great!

Good Head

For many, the sight of an erection is exciting in and of itself. When it's hard, we get notions of lust, raw sexual power and virility.

That is part of our sexuality. Once a penis becomes erect, something magical happens. Passion stir because this is where the action begins.

The penis has transformed from a mere elimination organ to co-creator. Its function is now for pleasure. Seeing the transformation happen is exciting. It stirs the primal part of our brain to ignite our sensual nature.

To help that transformation occur, particularly when that organ is attached to a stressed, overworked, overtired male, fellatio becomes the magic bullet.

If the one performing the fellatio is enthusiastic because the penis tastes great, they'll play it like a living flute. Taste added to fantasy inspires them. A tasty penis is fun to fellate. It is a task most don’t mind giving.

Especially perfect for the BJ connoisseur, the stimulating ingredients in this specific penis flavoring adds another level of sensation to the actual fellatio.

No matter how good you think your technique is, you’re always better when the flavor lasts. The longer the flavor lasts, the more you are encouraged to even greater heights of pleasuring.

A small amount is all that is needed. Keep it out of the urethra.

Make sure to taste it off completely before intercourse. A residue inside the vagina is fine. Too much inside the vagina may feel surprisingly hot.

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