Foreplay Sensual Succulent Lubricant

Foreplay Sensual Succulent Lubricant is a sensational product for intimacy. It adds heat, flavor and long lasting lubrication for intense sexual foreplay and intercourse. It’s easy to take pleasure up a notch with this delightful, exciting lubricant.

Add a small amount of this delicious, resilient water-based lubricant directly to either the penis or the vaginal opening. Every sensation is all the sweeter because of the long lasting, continuous lubrication and additional exciting heat. Great for masturbation as well!

The top makes it convenient to use. Just pop the top us, squeeze out what you’ll need, and then one-handed pop it shut. You’ll never have to worry about wasting product.

It’s not suited for anal sex because it isn’t thick enough, but it is fantastic for vaginal intercourse and for use with a vibrator.

Foreplay Sensual Succulent

Great for tasty oral sex, too! Each of the luscious flavors adds a touch to the nectar that is your lover.

Enjoy its sweetness, being assured that it is safe, gentle, and meant for the delicate pH balance of the vagina.

If you use a masturbation sleeve, Foreplay Sensual Succulent Lubricant makes it feel like the real deal because of its warming action--soft, silky, wonderful. I recommend that you put it on the penis before inserting the penis into the sleeve. The body’s natural heat will heat up the sleeve. In combination with the lubricant, it’s a delicious, exciting sensation.

Natural heat is created when two bodies rub together. With the careful addition of heat in Foreplay Sensual Succulent, the sensuality of stimulation increases the pleasure dramatically

It is also safe for use on vibrators, dildos, or any other adult toys as the heat makes the toy feel all the more real. When all is said and done, it washes off completely without corrupting the toy's material. (Always use Mighty Tidy to clean the toy)

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