Fukuoku Travel Buddy

The Fukuoku Travel Buddy is waterproof! Heading to the islands? Spend a little time in nature. Are there waterfalls? Take your little travel companion with you. Spend some quality time in cascading water. This is your vacation, after all, time to explore your pleasure potential.

Every time you have the opportunity to bathe during your vacation, besides washing, use your buddy. Take your body on a trip to the pleasures of the flesh. You’re in rush so why not enjoy your self? And it’s easy!

Fukuoku Travel Buddy

Just bring the little nubby sleeve and some mint tree cleansing gel and you’re half way to sensual bliss. Second stop, Orgasm City! Safe for your most sacred areas to bring pleasure you were made to receive. And look. No Phthalates!

Slip the sleeve over the multi speed slim-line vibrator. Each has a delightful texture to stimulate either inner or outer genitals. Let your fingers roam around and over anything and everything.

Since genitals are particularly sensitive to imbalance, you’ll want to have total confidence in your toy's ability to please. So keep it clean with Mighty Tidy.

Every vibrator works best with a lubricant. I recommend H2O Slicquid Lubricant, but any water-based product that works well for you is fine. We want friction to a point. Unnecessary friction can impede pleasure. Proper lubrication will help this fabulous toy work at its best.

Its convenient size is perfect to take on road trips, and it travels with you anywhere in its beautiful velvet draw-string pouch.

The models featured operates on 2 N batteries (included), has variable speeds, a quiet motor and is ROHS & CE compliant for safety, quality, value and satisfaction.

Consumer caution: Never use any vibrator on swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations. Keep it clean before and after each use.

Take the Fukuoku Travel Buddy with you. Make every travel destination exciting, and extremely fun.

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