Gemini Sexuality

So you’ve fallen in love with male Gemini sexuality, a lover blessed with youthful good looks who can quite easily charm the pants off most women, figuratively and literally speaking? Do you want him to believe that ‘you’re the one?’ The way to his heart is through his intellect.

That’s right, I said it. Obvious sexual appeal might get you laid by him, but you’re not necessarily the girl he’s taking home to meet mom.

If you want this guy on bended knee you have to be smart and self sufficient.

Are you ready to keep up with his mental gymnastics?

Nothing is sexier to a Gemini male than an intelligent woman.

He’s the original mind-game champ. Super sensitive, emotionally charged signs need not apply.

Other air signs do very well with him--Libra and Aquarius. With Libra there’s a natural flow—an easy rhythm into which they fall, often forever.

If one attempts to take the upper hand, that’s the beginning of the end.

Creative freedom is crucial.

Sexual drama is alien to such cool characters—it’s all about ease.

With Aquarius their only concern is pleasing each other.

Here, there and everywhere, theirs is a free-spiritedness that creates a combined social and political consciousness.

Sex is robust and randy.

With another Gemini, at first it’s a blast-- a social, sexual, creative whirlwind.

But making a deeper commitment is challenging:

He’s restless; her disquiet increases.

As much as Gemini sexuality enjoys the experience of sex, they especially enjoy the courtship of it.

Gemini is the Peter Pan of the Zodiac.

The soul’s age is between 14 to 21; a time in life when feeling desirable is very important.

Dating, partying, running in the right circles, having the inside of what’s going on, what’s cool, what’s new is Gemini’s playground.

Although primarily masculine, also a mutable sign.

Gemini can appreciate and relate to the feminine side more readily than other mainly dominant male signs.

Gemini’s twins experience both elements of male and female sexually and otherwise, simultaneously.

Keeping up with male Gemini sexuality is keeping him mentally stimulated, not only with what you’re doing in the bedroom, but in all areas of your life.

Knowing a little about a lot is a Gemini talent.

If you want exciting conversations and mental stimulation for a lifetime, it’s important to take life on enthusiastically.

Air feeds fire so Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are also excellent partners for male Gemini Sexuality.

The Aries woman takes a party approach to life.

He’s a rousing, robust sexual ride; she seems built for speed.

They’re a liberated pair—threesomes are standard.

With Leo they have so much in common; commitment to family, appetite for achievement, a love of lavish spending.

Sexual independence is often admissible as well.

The Sagittarius woman lives large and he invites such expansiveness, living vicariously.

Sex is touchy-feely with lots of flirtatious foreplay. She encourages his lewder side.

Earth and Water signs have their ‘work cut out for them’ in finding common ground with Gemini.

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