Graduating on the Beach

by ENR
(Hazlet, NJ, USA)

He’s been talking about graduating and moving on to his next real job. This one is driving him nuts because he’s bored to death. “I won’t miss the job”, he says, “but I will miss some of the people”. I should’ve known right at that moment that he liked me. I just never know how much because he disguises it so well. The hints he drops can just be my imagination, but when he says ‘at your service’, or ‘anytime’ is he willing to help in any and all circumstances? My imagination goes wild when I think of this young stud, naked, erect and full of desire for me.
He told me that he plans on driving down to the beach on his birthday and watching the sun come up over the Atlantic. I used to do that when I was his age, except I was with some friends and I believe he said he’ll be alone. I think it would be a great idea to surprise him by showing up, finding him on the beach, and watching the sun come up with him. We’d smoke a joint (that I’d bring) and just enjoy the beauty of the beginning of a new day.
I’d lie back on my blanket after the sun is up and has cleared the horizon. It’s full daylight now but no one is around yet. The sound of crashing waves provides the natural background hum to my internal hum, and I’m glad I made the decision to join my young friend for a sunrise birthday. I can’t imagine my husband will appreciate my choice to do this, but I can’t live my life trying to please him at the expense of my own sensual needs.

My young friend is a gentleman and that’s one of the things I find so incredibly appealing about him. Along with his intellect, sense of humor, smoking hot body, beautiful big brown eyes and luscious perfect lips, he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I’ve always had a crush of Gemini males—heck, I married one. But that Gemini is way past his prime and this Gemini is willing, able, hungry, passionate, and available for a serious make out session. He lays next to me, eyes closed, listening to the roar of the waves, feeling the breeze tickle over his cheeks and lips. I turn on my side, facing him. My sexual energy is pulsating from my second chakra all the way to the top of my head. You’d have to be dead not to feel the energy I’m emanating. Well, he’s not dead and within a minute he turned towards me, pulled into action by the desire emanating from my every pore. He kisses my closed eyes, then my cheek. I shudder as his lips brush over my skin. Whether it’s the breeze or his touch, my body immediately breaks out in goose-bumps. My nipples harden. I want to hug him so badly, to feel him up against me. To breathe in his body and feel his toned smooth, muscular power up against me.
We have no condom. Neither of us was planning on this happening. We’re friends. We can never be anything else. He’s just starting out and I’m no where near him. To take advantage of his body would also mess with him mind. I’d like to imagine it would be the best sex he’d ever have; sex with a professional Sensuality Consultant—someone who could rate him professionally. (That’s what most men want to know—they want to know they’re good).
I want him as much as he wants me. My loins are aching with passion and very wet. His erection is undeniable through his stretchy gym pants. We embrace, at first just a hug to see how that feels. From there, some gentle kisses, he on my neck and I on his. I run my hands up and down his back. He doesn’t have an extra ounce of fat on his--a perfect specimen of young manhood. I bring him closer, pressing my covered hips into his erection. It’s obvious he’s getting fired up. So am I, but intercourse is off the table. We’re not prepared. What else can we do?
I look up to the boardwalk to make sure we’re still alone. Soon the early risers will start their morning routines. Despite the cool morning breeze coming off the water, we are both very hot. I start to perspire to cool down. His fantasy of me and my fantasy of him are all we need to climax. We kiss. It is slow, sweet and tender. My lips find his ear and I blow some gentle heat in, whispering that I can come just being near him. He feels the same. We hug and rub and kiss some more, never once taking off tops or bottoms. I push him on his back and roll over onto him. My ample tits are pressing against him and he touches my breasts with reverence, eyes closed, feeling their firmness just enjoying the sensations. I’m sliding above him, blowing in his ear, tickling his necks with my lips and tongue, telling him how hot I am just to be this close. He comes, a surprise as his penis makes the decision that enough is enough. I’ve come several times. My clit is still throbbing but she’s also very sensitive and needs to come down from her high. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. We have to be careful. This could become addictive.

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