Guilty Pleasure

No pleasure is a guilty pleasure if enjoyed consciously, and is responsibly fulfilled. And who defines the line between pleasure as necessary, and pleasure as guilty? Using guilt to regulate healthy or moral conduct never worked for very long. It is an unhealthy approach to life.

Our prejudice towards pleasure stems from ancient writings by celibate men. Since ‘misery loves company’, they deemed sexual pleasure excessive for procreation.

They even went so far as to say that masturbation led to blindness and insanity. These are the same writings from which much of religious doctrines are built on today.

Deciding to pronounce pleasure as wrong was their way of limiting pleasure. (They weren’t getting any, so why should anyone else?)

Female pleasure wasn’t even considered.

Today we know that choosing pleasure is not the problem. The pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain are the guiding forces in every individual’s life. It is pursuing pleasures in excess and irresponsibly that makes them guilty. 

Whenever you’re acting responsibly while enjoying the pleasure of life, there should be no shame in your game or guilt in your conscience. The key word here is responsibly, not only to your self, but to all involved.  

Our bodies are covered with potential erogenous zones. It’s just part of our packaging. That fact alone proves that we’re made for pleasure.

Add creative ideas to the packaging, and you’ve elevated your pleasure from basic to extraordinary, whether you apply that creativity to a meal, accommodations, or sex.

Especially when it comes to sex, understanding and utilizing your pleasure potential makes sexual pleasure all the more beautiful and meaningful.

So how can you tell whether you’ve gone from the pleasure we all deserve over to guilty pleasure?

Listen to your body. 

Overdoing anything taxes the body, simple as that.

Whether you overeat, over-drink, over smoke, over gamble, over sleep, over anything, the body is the first place that it shows up.

Lovers Tape

If you’re paying attention, you realize that your pleasure has gone from simple to guilty, all because of excess. Anything done in excess tips the scales between what you want and having too much.

If you’re actively listening to the wisdom of the body, you’ll never cross that line.

Unfortunately, very few listen.

Life in moderation--that’s the ticket to living well. Just because you can ‘eat the whole thing’, doesn’t mean you should. When any of our senses are attacked by excessive indulgences, and they are regularly, pleasure can become pain.

Pleasure was given a bad reputation by the Puritan’s who equated it with guilty behavior. Their motto, ‘suffer unto thee’ was what they expected from life. For them, suffering and denial showed that you were worthy of God’s love. Their influence still pervades every aspect of our appetites today.   

With evidence to the contrary, I believe we have these erogenous zones and sexual creativity because we are intended for pleasure.

What other species is so perfectly designed for it?

And when it comes to sexual pleasure, it becomes one of our greatest joys.

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