Choose Happiness. Find the balance between the mind, body and spirit, Find joy within. Learn to listen to your spirit. Humans are three parts.

Your spirit uses the mind to help your body achieve its goals. Take good care of the body so it can take you to the soul’s destinations. Once all three are integrated, balance is achieved and joy is a way of life.

True happiness is choosing to live in the moment, without worry about the future or regret about the past. We make decisions every day.

Who wouldn’t choose to be contentment? But life's drama is very seductive. Worry becomes an integrated part of the emotional history. Many can’t live without it. They relate to worry; it shows they care. It's a connection to their past, something they believe in that gives them solace and permission. These are the foundations for their 'happiness' that they don't want to let go of.

Choosing to be unhappy is not truly a reflection of who they really are. It is their belief system that keeps people stuck on a perpetual roller coaster of familiar emotions. Believing that they have to. That they cannot choose otherwise.

From birth to death, we aim to avoid pain and enjoy pleasure. When balance between the two banks exist, life flows.

When there is imbalance, whether for food, sex or material possessions, the body gets overstressed in its pursuit for pure pleasure.

It will rebel.

Only with balance can you find to your highest state.

Whims, desires, ego, and ad induced wants reflect our disconnection from the spirit.

If we listen to the soul, these ego trips dissipate into nothingness, from whence they came.

Finding contentment is balancing understanding, gratitude and forgiveness. Realize that the circumstances that seem so unfair are nothing more than an interpretation of your subconscious mind.

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