Hypnotize Your Lover

Hypnotize your Lover. Bring them into your reality with true love and acceptance.

We have misinterpreted our world from the beginning, with a deaf ear to all of our most sacred wisdom, and because of that have alienated our selves from a blissful state of being.

As we leave our connection to the divine behind, we experience less and less pleasure.

It is only when we remember and experience that connection that true joy can be experienced.

Thoughts, feelings, relationships, opportunities, pass our perceptions, a human buffet of possible delights.

And yet, none of these can make us truly happy for long.

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We must choose self acceptance and love as our guiding principles.

When we change our thinking about the fabric that connects us, we’ll be more inclined to agree to share the world’s resources, rather than hoard them.

Happiness can be found within.

It is an understanding of self, an appreciation of the inherent gifts we each have and utilizing those gifts in enjoying life and creating our life to be the best it can be.

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If joy is the goal, choose what brings you contentment. Pleasure comes in many different forms.

Tastes for pleasure are constantly changing.

Pay close attention, respect those changes and adjust your consumption, accordingly, always with the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Joy and satisfaction come from an inner knowing, deep inside, that what you’ve chosen is right, and then actually doing it.

If your inner knowing speaks to you and you choose to ignore it, your ego is justifying its greed.

Choose to live authentically, which is not always easy, but it is for happiness’ sake.

Sell yourself to the highest bidder and pursue what you’re not interested in just to make a buck, and you’re heading in the opposite direction of your bliss.

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