I need help

by Beth Rubin
(Old Bridge,NJ.USA)

not sure why thsi didnt' load

not sure why thsi didnt' load

I've always had trouble reaching orgasms. Even with various toys, it has not been successful and I'm aware that a lot of this stemmed from emotions,etc., that had been "blocked" by me for years.

So now,due in part to acupuncture, I'm really ready to finally explore my sexuality. But before I find a partner,I've got to figure out what really makes me tick.

Thank you so much

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Jan 31, 2015
Quaity time spent alone
by: Ellen

It is never a good idea to try to force any kind of pleasure. Your body will rebel and you will not only not have an orgasm, you'll be frustrated and a little depressed by the let-down. So my best advice is to take it slowly. Enjoy touching yourself in the shower, the tub, in bed, anywhere you can wake your genitals up to 'another possibility. Orgasm starts in the mind; if your mind is excited there's a good chance you'll get physically excited, too. So I would recommend 2 things. One, watch a sensual movie, like "9 1/2 weeks" with Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke. Let the feelings that you have wash over you and don't be shy to touch yourself during any part of the movie that is particularly exciting to you. Have lubricant handy so when the pants come off, you're ready to take your stimulation to the next step. And if you need a little help getting your parts hot, try a drop of all natural "ON" clitoral oil. Nothing is more effective in getting you going. Again, your focus should be on enjoying the movie, allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up and go with your flow. It takes at least 20 minutes of physical and mental stimulation to get enough blood in your genitals to be able to have an orgasm, so DON'T RUSH. Take time for yourself at least once a week. Call it your quality time and touch yourself lovingly without expectation. Soon your genitals will surprise you with pleasure that'll make you weep with joy. Keep me posted. All the best!

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