Increase Libido


There are many different ways to increase libido.  In this world of better living through pharmaceuticals, many will suggest taking sexual enhancement pills.  I am not one of them.  I am more of a holistic naturalist.  If your libido is lagging, there are far better and more natural ways to increase pleasure, overcome psychological impotence and to circumvent inhibited sexual desire than drugs, and these natural alternatives won’t have any unpleasant side effects. 

Let’s first start by understanding that we humans are meant for pleasure.  The pleasure center is your mind.  Sexual dysfunction is often caused by bad habits.  If your bad habits are hurting your libido, take a look at these habits and make some positive choices for change. 


Human sexuality today in ‘civilized’ societies cannot be even remotely compared to the exquisite pleasure that was enjoyed in European sexuality in the recent past or to the pleasures of ancient societies such as in India and Greece.  Our ancestors understood that arousal, intensity, and extended pleasure took time, not just the 10 minutes that so many couples allocate to foreplay today.  


We may not have the 4 hours of foreplay suggested in the Kama Sutra, but it’s important to keep sensual stimulation, sensual thought, and sensual techniques a part of loving sex.  To cast these sensual essentials aside is to deny ourselves the pleasure that we were born to enjoy. 


If you want to increase libido you’ll need sustained energy and that comes from proper rest and nutrition.  In today’s world, burning the candle at both ends, there is little energy left for the sensual essentials.  And what are these essentials?  Rest, nutrition, fantasies, and a sensual full body massage to push out the tension and reinvigorate the body. 


 If you are living most of your life in a state of fight or flight, even if you have access to marital aids, your overworked and stressed brain will interfere with your libido, which will always take a back seat to your need for decompression.  In other words, if you’re running from a saber tooth tiger, the LAST thing on your mind is making love.     

Of course, if you need a little heat to bring on the fire, Foreplay Sensual Succulent is a one of a kind lubricant.  Safe for all her most delicate areas, it has a deliciously heated sensation and a phenomenal floar.  If you'd like to spice up your coitus, this is an excellent way to really get things going

Another way to decompress and increase libido is by taking a warm, relaxing bath in sea salts.  For many this sounds like a frivolous waste of time.  Especially in this world of deadlines and rushing from one task to another, bathing should not be ignored as a viable way to reconnect with your essence, and if you can bathe together, all the better.  We, like the planet we live on, are comprised of 70% water.  Soaking in a bath will help you relax, fantasize, and encourage sensual thoughts as your hands slide over every inch of your body.  To further inspire your libido, light some sensual candles for ambience.


Keep the candle burning to use as a hot wax aphrodisiac.  Or use a blindfold to let your imagination take flight.  Within half an hour or so, this watery sensual escape will allow you plenty of time to re-discover all the erogenous zones that were meant for kissing, female pleasure, female orgasm, magnifying your animal magnetism



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