Island Pleasure

Are you thinking about getting away to enjoy some island pleasure?  Since most island vacation destinations are close to the equator, sun is on the itinerary, that’s for sure.  Double your pleasure on the beach and treat yourself to some serious pampering.  If you opt for an upscale ‘all inclusive’ (like Sandals) the drinks will keep coming to cool you down as the sun’s warmth caresses every inch.

There’s an other-worldly quality to the joy of island pleasure; practically surreal with a rhythm all its own, the sound of the surf, constantly lulling you to let go.  Negative ions penetrate your body, mind and spirit, relaxing you in subliminal ways.  You’re far from the ‘hustle-and-bustle’ of modern society; the noise of honking horns and endless sirens that keep you metaphysically on edge 24/7.  You can’t relax there, not totally.  But on the islands, the possibilities are endless.

 Noise is replaced by calm sounds, gentle breezes and beautiful sweeping views.  You’re away.  Let your hair down.  Step outside of your routines so you can feel good inside and out.  Immerse yourself in crystal waters, walk slowly along combed beaches, enjoying golden sunshine and magnificent sunsets.  Attune your mind to the beauty that surrounds you as you sip, sleep, and stroll.

Islanders are a carefree lot so don’t get angry if things happen at a slower pace.  They’ll do their best to please you, but it’s best to just go with the flow, man.  If you do, you’ll attract happy, relaxed, ‘lit from within’ individuals who are there to help.  They may work long hours, but they’re not worn down.  Life is a beach, enjoyed slowly, savored, appreciated for all its gifts.  We could all take an example from islanders on how to handle our day-to-day stresses.  Kick back, take some deep breaths and imagine the sea.

For all the foodies out there, some of the greatest delights of island pleasures are the marvelous meals. Colorful, exotic and fresh fruits and vegetables adorn every table, bursting in flavor and nutrients, all part of the nurturing environment. A variety of sumptuous fresh seafood, light and healthy or decadent to order is offered along with a bevy of fascinating beverages. Each island nation has its own alcoholic specialties (Rum for Jamaica, Ouzo for Greece, and Tequila for Mexico) which are intoxicating in more ways than one.  Have a rum punch in Barbados.  It’ll  knock your socks off and you won’t even see it coming.  Ever have a ‘Dirty Banana’?  When you get to Jamaica ask for one.  You’ll be pleased.  Drinking starts early so be prepared to pace yourself.

No discussion of island pleasure would be complete without mention of the rejuvenating and divine pleasure of the sensual massage on the beach or in the Spa.  Many upscale resorts feature spas which offer a variety of professional services, from massage options, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, just to name a few.  Between the scent of the sea, the shade or the palms and the knowing hands of their experts, every last bit of tension you brought from the mainland will melt away.

But island pleasure is not limited to relaxation and fine food.  If you’re in the mood for excitement activities such as parasailing over breathtaking panoramic views, snorkeling, dancing, or just enjoying time for intimacy, the most exciting fun of all, are part of the adventure.  But bring your own lube, lingerie, and lickables because there aren’t any adult stores that feature these kinds of temptations.   You have time for sensual decadence.  Come prepared.

If you’re in need of escaping the craziness of modern life, remove yourself from the rest of the world and have the most fun with island pleasures.  It is heaven on earth.  And we all deserve a little bit of heaven.

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