Kegel Exercises 2

There are several different kinds of Kegel exercises 2: Like any exercise, it must be done regularly to get the benefit. Kegeling intermittently or once a week will not give you the benefits you desire.

The most popular is the Flutter, and easy and rhythmic squeezing of the pelvic floor.

Once you’re able to do 300 Flutters without difficulty, you can graduate to the more challenging squeezes.

It’s the exercise that most women start doing when they are instructed to do their Kegel exercises.

Once you’ve built up enough strength in the PC muscles to do 300 Flutter, incorporate the second most popular technique known as the Four Second Hold.

As its name suggests, hold each squeeze for four seconds with the entire length of the vagina and then relax.

The Elevator Up and Elevator Down are for the woman who has been doing these exercises for a while and has become proficient with the first two techniques.

It starts with a squeeze from the bottom and a pull up to the top, then a relaxation, a squeeze from the top and down to the opening.

These Kegel exercises are a little more difficult to do but not impossible.

I practice doing these exercises while listening to music and alternate between the four techniques, depending on the beat on the song.

Start with a steady comfortable beat and squeeze your PC muscles to that beat for the whole song.

If it’s at least three minutes, you’ll have accomplished your daily quota.

Do a set of ten whenever you’re waiting in a line or for a traffic light to change. Adding these will help fire up different parts of the pelvic floor, increasing your sensitivity, strength and tone.

When you can accomplish these all four Kegel exercises with ease, you’ll have a strong, healthy, sexually responsive vagina that will serve you well in the years to come.

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