Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are done by squeezing the PC muscle. For women in particular, it is one of the most important habits for maintaining her reproductive system and keeping her genitals working properly. Women who want to enjoy multiple orgasms should start doing them in their twenties.

Practice three hundred daily to keep your vagina tight and your pelvic floor from sagging. For your efforts expect increased sensitivity and blood flow to the pelvic area and through the clitoris, labia and vaginal walls.

Pregnancy is an excellent time to incorporate Kegel exercises to help with delivery and recovery.

If you don’t want to end up wearing diapers, start this healthy habit today.

Urinary incontinence knows no age limit. I've met 26-year-olds who suffered from it.

Their pelvic floor had been traumatized by two back-to-back pregnancies without any Kegels.

The pelvic floor holds up your uterus as well as your bladder. When the uterus expands during pregnancy it presses down on the supporting pelvic floor.

During labor and delivery the two bands of muscle which are the pelvic floor open up and the baby passes down and out. Normally this floor is positioned from just below your belly button to your coccyx.

After pregnancy it hangs loosely, much like an overstretched rubber band.

Unlike a rubber band though, the pelvic floor is living tissue, a muscle, which responds to exercise.

Doing this practice is easy. Locate the PC muscle the next time you urinate by stopping the urine flow. The muscle that contracts to stop the urine flow is your PC muscle.

Some women get tired after about ten squeezes, but no matter your level of proficiency, increase by one every day until you’ve reached your 300.

If you’ve had two or more full term pregnancies, your pelvic floor has been stretched quite a bit. If you laugh, cough, or sneeze and leak urine, you probably have some level of urinary incontinence.

Fortunately, the PC muscle has the fastest recuperative power out of any muscle in your body. After pregnancy, it can repair with daily Kegels in just six weeks.

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