Leo Sexuality

As his animal symbol suggests, Leo Sexuality is the zodiac’s undisputed king who takes center stage in all of life’s proceedings. Essentially a loner, he is born with a sense of worthiness; a secure, entitled, highly egotistical individual who naturally assumes a position of overseer to others.

His brand of confidence is viewed as self-assured, devoid of any over-eagerness or artifice.

Leo’s Motto: ‘I will’ is desire and determination conjoined.

His example teaches us to approach life as a co-creator with God, ordained to do right by the world.

Sex is sacrosanct. It’s a turnoff if his lover doesn’t share his heightened, somewhat dramatic perspective of the sexual relation.

In his desire to inspire in his lover a sense of sexual healing, he showers her with pure affection and devotion and thus elevates simple acts such as kissing to heightened states of ecstasy.

Leo is a vehemently moralistic, gleaming figure with great charisma who longs to share his abundance of affection.

He grabs what he wants out of life and naturally exudes masculinity, assuming leadership roles, socially as well as sexually.

If you want a couple-oriented relationship, Leo is not for you.

In a Leo marriage there is little symbiosis as he is generally on his own path.

His masculine fixed-fire sign influence has little respect for any authority other than his father, convinced that the more subjective, intuitive types (women) are decidedly inferior.

Few other men are as sexist.

Leo has male acquaintances, but few to no male friends.

Although he will have many female friends, it is the woman powerful in her own right who captures his discriminating heart.

A woman is either right or wrong for him; there are no shades of gray.

Leo doesn’t operate on whims or fleeting emotions.

He sustains heartfelt interests that, like his personal bonds, are few.

When it comes to sex, Leo Sexuality holds out, determined to wait until someone worthy comes along.

He cannot consort with just anyone as sex without heart is an empty experience.

Trusting his heart, he searches for a worthy queen, a woman of substance, a fertile, full-figured earth mama who’ll share his presumption of superiority and thus imbue herself with that same dominance and authority.

Leo doesn’t fall in love easily.

He is driven by strong emotion rather than simple lust.

He is not one to seek sex but rather let love find him.

He revels in women vying for his affections.

In truth, it’s the only way he’ll ever make a love-connection.

When he makes that connection, he is the most monogamous of males and prides himself on loyalty.  

So careful is he to let only the most loyal subjects into his ‘circle of trust’, he has a hard time letting go should the relationship go bad.

When he goes, he’s gone.

As deeply as he loved, the loss will be that much more profound.

He wants a woman who is strong and feeling, autonomous and loyal, haughty and vulnerable.

This male ‘Goldilocks’ has a difficult time finding the woman who is ‘just right’.

This son of Helios has the unique ability to experience routine as perennially fresh, like each new day.

Thus his sexual tastes are often perceived as wholesome and/or bland with little to no sexual experimentation.

One of the more tireless men in the zodiac, he expects it often, if lifestyle permits.

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Although not interested in ‘going down’, he’s willing to accept such favors himself.

There is rarely anything sordid or kinky about Leo Sexuality with few to no perversions.

If anything, he may be inclined toward dominance role-play, with his partner in the submissive position.

A one-on-one kind of guy, he is least likely to participate in adult group sex.  


Even the male fantasy of bedding two women has little appeal for the morally uptight Leo.

Leo Sexuality is a father figure to women.

He isn’t looking to be adored; but rather to find a lover worthy to adore.

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