Libra Sexuality

Libra sexuality is the trailblazer in spirit and ideas. His mythical archetype is Apollo, the sun god of light. Metaphorically too, light, as in the term enlightenment, his is the symbol of reason.

The qualities of beauty, art, unity and pleasure are associated with the 7th house of Libra. His motto, ‘we are’ is his desire for unity, happiness, and relationships as being the foundation for our identities.

The Libra male is looking for an elusive love in one form or another; an honest, pure affection, reciprocated in equal measure by someone who wants to know the truth and grow from it.

Unwilling, or better put, unable to lie, this charming fellow won’t sweet-talk a girl just to get into her pants. He wants his affections and intentions to be able to be held up to the light of scrutiny, and understood as his premise for the relationship.

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The love of Libra is empowering; he doesn’t seek to foster dependency. On the contrary, he wants his love to feel both free and accomplished, so much so that she no longer needs him or anybody else, other than simply to be loved. He is attracted to independent females who must share his appreciation for highbrow ideals and causes.

Librans of both sexes support the argument that all people are created equal so it is a rare Libran who is homophobic. From a young age, he is attracted to feminine beauty, generally preferring the friendship of girls.

As he grows into adulthood he is not typically a he-man, although he projects plenty of male aggression albeit on a cerebral and verbal level, that other men find confrontational.

Libra is not a follower. Idealistic, intellectual, and rational, but also ultrasensitive and insecure, he is a great orator, shedding light on situations and extracting their meaning. A master of wordplay, innuendo, irony and double entendre, every conversation is loaded.

The consummate artiste, his bedroom is tastefully sensual rather than blatantly pornographic. Engineered for tantric lovemaking, his particular specialty is cunnilingus, mixed with quick and breezy sensual touches to attain ecstatic levels of pleasure and awaken hidden erogenous zones.

For him, lovemaking is an art. His love and appreciation are capable of having profound transformative effects on his potential partner.

He seeks to stimulate his lover’s aura as much as her physical parts with techniques that are far more advanced than most other lovers on the astrological wheel.

Like an artist creating a masterpiece, he never rushes but takes the time to thoroughly stimulate her mind before he touches her body. He is far more erotic than carnal.

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Libra sexuality is the most intuitive of all men, seeming to function on an astral plane, moving his hands over a woman’s body as if preparing the foundation, as it were, to sexually express his passion from a place of true feeling and inspiration.

Libra sexuality is the zodiac’s Renaissance man dabbling in a multitude of arts and leisure interests. Highly artistic, principled and philosophical, no part of him is phony. He believes in truth and has trouble telling even the tiniest fib. Maybe that’s why he is often unlucky in love.

Libra sexuality turn-ons include classy strippers, phone sex, auto-eroticism, as well as elaborate mind games of domination and submission as well as voyeuristic fantasies. He’s a cool fellow who can appreciate all the aspects of sex, including group sex.

As such, he likes to try everything at least twice before making a judgment about it. And as much as he enjoys the physicality of sex, he doesn’t believe in making a big deal out of it. Sex is fun, exciting, healthy and a wonderful form of sensual expression. Don’t weigh it down with prejudices and narrow minded thinking.

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