Love Swing

The modern Love Swing will add a whole new dimension of versatility to your sensuality and its sexual expression with its support. Invented by a Doctor; Enjoyed by Everyone

Whatever positions you enjoy, the pleasure is intensified when gravity isn’t weighing you down. Whether entry is in a croupade style (doggy style), cuissade (rear entry at an angle), or she’s sitting in it with her feet up in the stirrups, enjoy deeper penetration, effortless intercourse and a variety of sexual positions and techniques that are sure to keep your sex life fun, exciting and always adventurous.

A gentle bouncing action thanks to a super strong metal spring supports a female weighing up to 200 pounds on top until you’re both satisfied.

Sturdy enough to hold up to 400 pounds of rollicking good times without the spring.

Female superior, that is, woman on top positions, can last longer without tiring out leg muscles.

Also helpful for preventing premature ejaculation, since his ejaculate is working against gravity when he's on the bottom, placing her above him helps him to maintain his erection longer.

Oral sex in the swing elevates her hips on something that won’t sink down, but is still extremely comfortable.

Can be hooked into a double beam above the bed, or if you're not sure where the double beam is, in a door frame. Either way, a few strategically placed pillows underneath it add fun, comfort and intense sensations to every sexual liason.

If you're not sure where the ceiling beam is or you just want the freedom to take this kind of fun wherever you go, include the moveable Universal Swing Stand that supports it, you and the fun you'll enjoy!

Let go of your inhibitions, relax on the Love Swing and let it take you to easy access, variety of position and beautiful sensations.

"My favorite thing is the swing! … we both enjoy the weightless and gentle bouncing sexual experiences the swing enables us to have.

Until we swing again........."

RM Asheville, NC

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