Massage Sensual

A massage sensual in nature feels good to the recipient regardless of theory or written instructions. It is a series of varied pressures, tempo and rhythms. Doing the same thing in the same way over and over again becomes very boring to both the recipient and the giver. First, become centered by concentrating on your breath, slowing it down, and feeling your loving energy within. Then, lay your hands on the recipient, gently, quietly so they can feel your quiet energy calming them down and mingling with theirs.

Being centered, present in your own being, will help you appreciate create a sensual mood when giving the massage, and help you to meet the recipient’s sensual needs on a far greater level.

Some basic ingredients to remember when giving a this kind of massage: Glide onto an area and off when starting and ending a touch.

Never pour oil directly onto their skin, but rather with your hand on their body, pour the oil on the back of your hand and let it seep through your fingertips onto their skin.

When in doubt, a lighter pressure is better than a more vigorous one, but it is better to ask if you are uncertain. Everyone has their own specific needs and expectations from the massage, so if you are uncertain, let them be your guide.

Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. If you are doing a whole body massage, keep the body covered with a cloth or light blanket until you are ready to massage it.

The sensual massage is quiet. Unless there is a deep need to communicate needs, there is no conversation. Phones are turned off. Sometimes gentle, soft music playing in the background is often desirable, but not necessary.

Try not to talk as it is distracting, and oftentimes can cause angst or tension in the recipient, which is opposite to what the massage sensual is intended.

Lastly, if there are two of them, finish one side completely before starting the other one. Rather than plopping on, glide with a slow descent in the direction your hands will move and continue to a gradual ascent.

Keep in contact with the recipient at all times, minimizing landings and take-offs, as you want them to feel the contact, comfort, heat, and assuring pressure of your touch.

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