Messing with a Personal Trainer

by Helen N R
(Blairstown, NJ USA)

His invitation was always light hearted. She was never sure if he was kidding. He’s 33 and she’s old enough to be his mother, but her reputation as a former Sex Surrogate, plus their current work relationship left them lots of room for flirtation.

He had complimented her more than once.

Since he knew a lot about being fit, she once had invited him as a guest to her weekly talk show to discuss foods that could put 'lead in your pencil'. When they had technical difficulties and he couldn’t see her face he had said it was important he saw her ‘pretty face.’

That was nice enough.

One day at work she casually asked him where he lived. She knew he’d recently moved out into his own place after his divorce.

“It's only 2 minutes from here.”

More than once he encouraged her to be playful. All corporate taboo topics were fun for them to share.

The flirtation went on for more than 6 months. She was getting impatient and horny because of her sexless marriage, and here was a fellow who could give her what she needed without need of anything more. The temptation for a tempestuous and hot affair loomed large.

What made a hook-up with him perfect was that neither wanted a ‘relationship’. She was married to her husband, for better or worse. Having sex with this fellow was only for the sexual union she could no longer have with her husband.

He gave her his address and within 2 minutes of walking out of work, she arrived at his apartment. She found the bell and hesitated for a moment. This would be the first man she’d be intimate with since she married her husband. She was hoping that he could take up where hubby had left off, no strings attached. She rang the bell and without even verifying her identity, she heard the buzzer that let her in. He knew she was coming.

He seemed enthusiastic for the opportunity to give this woman all he had, to see if he ‘measured up’ to what he thought he knew and who he thought he was. There was electricity in the air when he answered the door. The bulge in his pants greeted her eyes and she knew this was going to be an evening of energetic passion. Their first intercourse. If all went well, hopefully not their last. She understood his life. He understood hers as well. It wasn’t enough. She needed to feel a real man inside of her, not the silicone she had to settle for. This lover was ready to give her what she needed.

He offered her a cocktail. “Anything tasty”, she replied.

“Have a seat. Get comfortable. I’ll be right back”.

She snuggled up on the couch, took her shoes off and rested her head back. Within a few minutes she could hear the whirring blender. Within another few moments, he was standing in front of her with a Pina Colada.

“You like Coconut, I hear. I bought the ingredients with you in mind." He handed her the drink. She took a sip and looked up at him. Taking a moment to feast her eyes first on the drink, then on the contained enthusiasm in front of her, then up this firm, defined abs, she rested her gaze for a few delicious moments on his well-defined chest, and then smiled into his eyes.

“I love it.” She exclaimed when their eyes met. “Thank you so much. You’re quite the gentleman!”

He smiled at her acknowledgement of him. He didn’t plan on being a gentleman that night. He wanted to show his prowess, would take his time and enjoy her ample breasts and sweet ass. For an older broad, she was really quite nice--well defined with soft skin, her scent was intoxicating. Every time he stood next to her, he just wanted to stand closer. When they separated, he’d always find his way back to her a few minutes later. There was just something about her.

She sipped her drink slowly at first, taking in his statuesque form as he moved around the room lighting a candle, turning on some background music. He seemed confidant and yet, a little nervous, too. He’d been with lots of women before his wife and since their split-up. When you’re in the Air Force, you get around. When you're a Personal Trainer, every woman wants to entice you. For him, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. But this woman was experienced way beyond his years or scope. Still, he was willing to test his metal.

She sipped her drink and enjoyed watching him set the scene. When he was done, she asked him to come and sit beside her, which he did immediately.

“You smell so good,” he said.

“So do you. Can I sniff up a little closer?" She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she leaned in and inhaled deeply. He was intoxicating. Clean, with just enough pheromonal testosterone to remind her that he was all man. And since he was in the prime of his life, able to offer her youthful endurance. No quickies would be tolerated, tonight or ever. Would he be up for the challenge? Physically, yes, he was Superman. Mentally and emotionally, she wasn’t sure that he wouldn't get attached. Still, she wanted him very badly and the opportunity was now.

As she leaned in, she kissed his neck, pressing her ample breasts against him. He didn’t expect it and the touch of her lips against the inner part of his neck jolted him, like an electric shot from her lips up to his brain, which then richocheted from his head, past his heart and straight into Scorpio’s domain.

Once that desire was sparked his loins, his erection was immediate and not going to be held back by pants or anything else. She reached down and pressed her hand against his hardness.

“It looks like he’s happy I’m here”, she said. “He’ll have to wait a bit before he’s invited to the party, though. You don’t mind, right?” He didn’t know what to say. Usually when his dick got hard he’d be out of his pants in no time and pumping the recipient withing an inch of her life! This woman was telling him Mr. Dick had to wait. This was in and of itself intriguing.

“Whatever you say, ma’am” he said. His smiled his compliance. It sounded like this young buck was willing to take a few orders, so she decided to oblige.

“Lay back”, she said. “Let me have a good look at you. But first, let’s take this off!” She pulled his t-shirt off of his hard body and then playfully pushed him back onto the couch. His abs were etched in well defined muscle, his chest, too, perfect pecs. He smiled knowingly when his shirt was pulled off. If there was one thing he knew, he knew he looked good naked. He’d even said it once. She'd been talking about best colors with one of the club's members when he came into the conversation. “What’s your best color?”, she’d asked. “Nude’ he said. She laughed and just walked away. Little did she realize that he was being real, advertising, putting out some bait.

And here it was, right in front of her. A perfect shade of nude.

Once his shirt was off, she stood up before him and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Revealing her cleavage was a show in itself and she didn’t disappoint. Keeping her lace bra on, she slid her body on top of his, rubbing herself from his hard belly up to his chest, cupping her breasts so that her nipples could extend and touch like fingertips across his nipples. He seemed to enjoy the body to body massage, all the while stroking her ass as she rubbed her breasts against him.

All she had to do was let him know when she wanted him to ‘spring into action’ and he would’ve. She wasn’t ready for that. Just seeing him semi-nude, waiting for her, smelling so nice, handsome as he was, and desiring her made her sacred spot moist and achy. She could feel her longing and she promised herself, no matter how good it felt, she wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t get emotional. This was something she needed and wanted for a long time. Finally, her prayers had been answered.

She lightly hovered over him, occasionally pressing her nipples across his chest, kissing his ear lobes, running her tongue in, out and around. He responded to her touch, appreciating every sensation, every nuance of pressure, breath and moisture as it emanated from her to him. She was taking her time, exploring, teasing, enjoying the beauty that was his body, using every part of her body to excite and seduce.

To his credit, he allowed her seduction and arousal for about 20 minutes, longer than he ever thought he could. She’d been toying with him, touching all of his hot spots, tantalizing with the right touches. It felt like every erogenous zone on his body was tingling with tension, so it only made sense to satisfy the largest and most explosive of them all.

In a flash he pulled her close, kissed her hungrily, slipped off his pants and started to grind his naked hips against her. She wanted to feel his hardness between her legs.

She grabbed his manhood, and instead of sliding it inside, she slid it down between her labia. He instinctively knew what to do and rubbed ever so gently against her clitoris and clitoral hood. When the external rubbing became too intense, she invited him in. He entered slowly, carefully. She had some heated lubricant handy and generously poured it down onto her and him. He knew she needed time to adjust to his width and girth, so being the gentleman, he gave her the time she needed to accommodate him. Once in, their eyes met and locked onto each other. Their connection was complete from top to bottom. She squeezed around him, holding his hips so their sweaty bodies would glide over each other. Moving his thrust to her own rhythm, she climaxed more than once. He seemed to understand and allowed her to experience all he had at its best with precision and control. Time and time again she cried out and moaned in pleasure as he rocked back and forth over her Venus Mons, locked in to hit all her hot spots perfectly.

The ending was just as powerful, of course. He whispered in full control, “I’m coming with you!” Within a few strong powerful thrusts, he was giving her all he had.

They’ll be at work day after tomorrow acting like nothing happened.

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