Modern Sexuality

Modern sexuality is still fraught with sexual prejudice. Archaic ideas still do not accept women to admit, let alone express, their desire for sexual pleasure. Seeking pleasure has been the male’s domain. She is merely there to submit to his will. Only when both males and females can come together to give equally to one another, sexually and otherwise, will the sexual double standard cease to exist.

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Throughout the centuries, the words and intentions of many religious texts have translated gender sexuality to mean inequality.

By changing societal attitudes, we can undo the repression of sexuality which has been propagated with modern society.

Recently, technology and science have changed our understanding of the body’s potential.

With this new found knowledge sexuality heterosexual in particular, we can abandon our prejudice and start making informed choices while in the pursuit of pleasure. 

 Men pursue their sexual appetites as an expression of their life force, or an ego gone awry.

Names such as Don Juan and Valentino are synonymous with great passion and strong desire as enviable.

The more conquests he enjoyed, the more his sexual persona increased.

For a woman to ever admit, then or even today, that she had the same passion and desire as the great Don Juan or Valentino, her reputation would not be viewed as something spectacular.

Instead we would call her names, suggesting she must be a loose and immoral woman.

Because of the double standard, sexual prowess and pleasure are the man’s domain.

The woman who knows as much as a man, knows too much.

Instead of being viewed as a great lover, she is a threat to his ego and abilities.

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The sexual double standard casts experienced female lovers as less desirable for the long term relationship.

Men may want to use her because she’s seen as an undiscerning lover.

But when sizing up a male for a lifetime of sexual satisfaction, we judge his abilities on the number of partners he’s had--the greater the number, the greater our expectations of him as a lover.

We expect because of his sexual history that he is a seasoned, sexy, satisfying and desirable lover.

When will we want the same expectation for women as lovers?

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