Who are those lucky individuals who can claim to be multiorgasmic? Is it something special in their DNA or have they trained their bodies in any particular way so they can enjoy this most delightful process?

Everyone has the equipment to become multiorgasmic. All women have G-Spots and all men have prostates. Whether they use their parts to achieve this state of bliss is a whole other question.

One of the things that stops them is OPO, or Other People’s Opinions. If you’re at all concerned with what other people think is an appropriate sexual response, you’ll probably never enjoy this ability.

Most of the people who reach this state of bliss are women. That’s mostly because her G-spot is not a social pariah. If she wants it rubbed during intercourse that doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.

Women who enjoy multi orgasms have a toned vagina and are well acquainted with their G-spot. Once they locate it, there’s no going back. After having multi orgasms, she finds that this is the preferred sexual event.

Clitoral orgasms become an appetizer in satisfying her sexual desire. Why would you want just one orgasm when you can have five to ten in the same amount of time?

The G-spot can be rubbed continually after it has been stimulated. When it reaches its climax, it sends out waves of intense pleasure which feels like a flood of relief.

But unlike the clitoris, it can be rubbed again within moments to reach an even more intense state of orgasm. Each of the multi orgasms becomes a little more intense than the one that preceded it.

The clitoris, on the other hand, is so sensitive after the first orgasm that it usually cannot be touched immediately afterwards. By the time you can handle it, most lovers are ready to pack it up. That is why clitoral orgasms are usually singular.

Multiorgasmic men are those who are intimately aware and appreciative of their prostate and its functions. Unlike women who have multi orgasms and squirt, men can only have multi orgasms if they DON’T squirt.

By not relieving the built up sexual tension through ejaculation, they are able to recycle it and have as many orgasms as they want. And unlike the standard male orgasm, they are not exhausted or depleted afterwards. Rather, they have renewed energy.

But here comes the problem. So many guys associate prostate stimulation with Gay sex that they cannot, will not ever allow anyone anywhere near their prostate. That’s the main problem--negative attitudes about this particular body part are the reason most men will never know the joy of multi orgasms. They’re concerned with OPO’s.

This negativity is further fueled by women who believe only Gay men want their prostate rubbed. That’s not true. That just means that this forward thinking, sexually progressive male is not viewing his pleasure potential through the prejudice of other people’s opinions.

He has learned to love his body for what it does and what it can do, without prejudice. He wants pleasure to emanate from any body part that can produce it.

Prostate prejudice is a vicious cycle started long ago by sexually frustrated individuals within the church. When we can love our bodies for all their good, we’ll all be able to enjoy them completely, without shame, guilt or fear of judgment.

The only thing that keeps us all from becoming multiorgasmic is our prejudice towards the parts that produce it. Let that go and you're on your way to sexual nirvana.

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