On the Deck of a Greek Liner in the Aegean Sea

by Eleni
(Newark, NJ, USA)

My travelling buddy and I had been looking for romance during our two month travel in Europe. At one point we found ourselves leaving the island of Mytilene and heading back to the mainland.

We were informed by the crew that we were making an unscheduled stop in Tinos, a neighboring island, to pick up a battalion of Greek soldiers who had been stationed there.
As we stood on the ship's deck watching literally hundreds of studly, young Greek males board the ship, I knew I'd meet one, but I also knew that he'd have to be pretty special to catch my eye or interest.
Later that day after we were back on the high seas I made some comment to my travelling buddy, but instead of hearing her response, a very sexy masculine voice answered my question. His Greek accent was barely discernable and his English sounded better than most American's. As I turned to thank him for his information, I had the most delightful surprise. Unlike the dark haired Greeks I'd met in the past, he was fair, with blue eyes, short blond hair, and the body of a Greek God. His smile was especially appealing and I found myself asking him to join me for a kafedaki in the cafeteria.
We spent about an hour drinking that coffee and then another 8 hours talking about everything from politics to exercise. He was so intelligent, and when he pulled out his wallet to pay for our coffees, I knew he wasn't your average soldier either. (They got paid about $8 a month at that time). He was an interpreter for the American Army in training the Greek army, a paratrooper and a deep sea diver. All my specifications for involvement had been met and as the evening progressed I could feel a wonderful longing to kiss those lips and have him press me close to his superb body. Since I was travelling as inexpensively as possible I had plannned on sleeping on the ship's deck, but as our passion grew, we tried to get a cabin. At 2:00 a.m. all the ship's offices were closed so we had to make due on the deck.
Chris hadn't been with a woman for over four months and he wanted our time together to last as long as humanly possible. There, under a million stars in the Greek sky, amid all the sleeping tourists, we made love for hours in positions that I'd only seen in the Kama Sutra; standing, sitting, upside down; you name it, we tried it. After a few hours of this, we finally came together in a heap of blissful exhaustion. We fell asleep in each other's arms on the deck of the ship, but a couple of hours later we had arrived in Piraeus and he was back with his battalion. We had exchanged numbers but no other serendipitous liason ever manifested again. I'll never forget that sensual, erotic experience for as long as I live. It remains one of the sweetest memories of my youth and one that I will relive in my memory until the day I die.

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