Pheromone Perfume

Pure Instinct pheromone perfume magnifies your own natural scent. Just a drop is a call to the wild!

Pheromones are nature’s way of communicating at a very subtle level. As part of our sexual signals, women’s natural pheromones peak monthly during ovulation as a signal that her body is ready to get pregnant.

Its provocative allure beckons to the male subconscious desire, although he may not register its effects on a conscious level.

Do you want lots of attention, sexual and otherwise? Just a drop on your neck, wrist, or rubbed through your hair will drive the opposite sex nuts!

Men also have a pheromone scent although scientists couldn't figure out why since men don’t ovulate or give birth. Come to find out that his natural scent is laced with his DNA.

One sniff of a compatible partner was enough to let her know (subconsciously, that is), that with him she'd make strong, healthy babies.

Men’s pheromones are usually at a constant level, but peak during aggressive acts such as sporting events or in hostile circumstances.

And of course, men can always benefit from a dab of pheromone perfume.

When a couple can appreciate each others natural scent as compatible to their own, its a signal that they are chemically compatible with one another and, should they choose to, will make healthy, strong children.

Apply Pure Instinct and magnify your unique all-over-scent. Don't be surprised by the special attention you'll get; doors being opened, and chairs being held. It's just that powerful.

Its fascinating aroma complements every woman or man, working with the body’s natural pheromone scent.

Magnifying your natural attraction to entice helps you feel special, more powerful and confidant. Provocative, enticing and exciting, let your scent arouse passion.

Ellen Says: To keep the contents in this little blue bottle fresh from the first application to the last, drop the oil off of the glass wand applicator onto the skin.

If you keep the glass wand free of skin cells, the scent will stay intoxicating and fresh til the last drop.

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